The best health and fitness deals for Amazon Prime Day

The best health and fitness deals for Amazon Prime Day
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On October 13 and 14 this year, the major retail hub that is now a household name, Amazon, is hosting Amazon Prime Day 2020. This marks the biggest yearly sale for the website, featuring deals on a ton of products in every different category – including many health and fitness items to help you stay in shape.

These deals are available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. For a yearly or monthly fee, an Amazon Prime membership includes enhanced services from Amazon like faster shipping times on most items, additional multimedia and streaming content and more. If you are a Prime member, it is a great time to take advantage of discounts on many things that may already be on your list for getting fit. We’ve found some of the best health and fitness deals that have already been announced for Amazon Prime Day 2020.

Workout apparel

A huge clothing sale has already started on Amazon, and there are lots of great pieces to enhance your fitness routine. The site is featuring 40% off fashion items from Amazon-exclusive brands including Amazon Essentials, Goodthreads and Daily Ritual. Deals also span items that are not solely Amazon brands, and the fashion sale is already going strong. Check out these standout pieces:

Fitness gear

Getting gear to help pursue fitness goals is on many people’s minds these days, especially considering the upcoming holiday season and the New Year’s resolutions to follow. Throughout 2020, weights and other workout aids sold out of online stores on several occasions. Now that some of this gear is back in stock, Amazon Prime Day could be the perfect opportunity to add to your collection and up your workout game with some useful tools.

Fitness gear is more important than ever if you’re avoiding the gym or other crowded workout spots – instead working out at home or in an outdoor area where you can claim your own space and social distance. Workout gear helps you personalize your fitness routine and hit your individual goals. Like other items, there are already some great sales available in the gear category now, with many more sure to be featured on Amazon Prime Day. A few exciting finds include:

Additional Prime card deals

Beyond regular sales promoted to all Amazon Prime members, a Prime card (either an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card or an Amazon Prime store credit card), grants you access to 5% cash back on Prime items and even more cash back deals to take advantage of in the lead up to Amazon Prime Day. There are a ton of purchases with 10% cash back to Prime cardholders from now until October 12, including many health and fitness enhancers. Some of the best cash back deals in the health and fitness category include:

Amazon Prime Day is shaping up to be a great day for savings toward those purchases you’ve been thinking of to help you pursue your health and fitness goals. From fitness trackers to resistance bands to apparel, there are so many items to save big on that can help you level up your workout game or just stay fit as you head into the season of holiday temptations. Your body and wallet will thank you for checking out Amazon Prime Day this year for some stellar deals.

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