Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay

Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay
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Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay is shopping central for tourists and locals alike, considering the vast array of stores offering everything from luxury items to affordable basics. With the number of extensive malls, you’ll definitely need more than a day to discover it all. Here’s your insider’s guide to Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay – don’t miss this shopping hub next time you’re in town.

Times Square

When you think of Times Square, your mind probably takes you to entertainment central in the heart of New York City. However, Hong Kong has its own version, and thankfully you won’t have to travel to the other side of the world for it. This luxury shopping center lures shoppers of all kinds to take a shot at one of Asia’s most sought after malls. While riding their significantly long escalators that scale the buildings, you’ll get a glimpse of all the stores they have to offer. Whether you prefer spending big bucks or would rather stick to window shopping, the Times Square mall will keep you occupied.

Not only will you indulge your inner shopaholic, but also your inner foodie. On every floor, you’ll find a world class restaurant that makes it near impossible to choose where to have your next meal (We’re getting hungry just thinking about it).

Address: 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay

Cine Times (UA Cinemas)

Looking to rest your feet from all that walking? At the top floor of the Time’s Square Mall is the Cine Times Cinema where you can catch the newest releases while you relax in the comfiest seats. Snack on popcorn, M&M’s, nachos or whatever your movie snack of choice while immersing yourself within another world.

Address: Level 13, Times Square, Causeway Bay

Victoria Park

An afternoon stroll through a lush, breezy park is sometimes exactly what we need to unwind after spending too much time in a crowd. In a city like Hong Kong, a patch of grass is hard to find, let alone an entire field in the center of it all. Whether you go for a picnic date, or just stop by for a breath of fresh air, your trip to Victoria Park will be nothing short of pleasant.

Address: 1 Hing Fat Street, Causeway Bay

The Roomss

The Roomss provides a unique experience that is one of a kind in Hong Kong. Here, you’ll find rooms (as the name suggests) decorated with different themes including camping, wooden, movie and their classic Causeway Bay theme. Each room has unique features such as a projector screen, PS4, VR, Nintendo Switch and board games – just to name a few.

It’s the perfect place to hang out with a couple of friends to catch up and just have some fun. Depending on the room you choose, the capacity is anywhere from 4-10 people, so you won’t have to worry too much about cutting down the guest list. There is a charge per head which is HK$40-60 (US$5-8) an hour. The charge varies depending on the day of week and time you choose to go, and you must have a reservation beforehand.

Address: 3/f, 520 Lockhart road, Causeway Bay

The Street of Lights (Yee Wo Street)

Picture yourself walking down the busy Causeway Bay street – you look up, and instead of seeing the gloomy night sky, your eyes are nourished with a symphony of colors illuminated from the neon lights that hang above you. Yee Wo Street (which is one of the main roads in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay), is plastered with these quintessential Hong Kong street signs that are just waiting for you to photograph. Discovering the city at night is truly a whole other experience, as somehow the city is more vibrant after the sun sets.

Address: Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

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