Amazon Prime faces backlash on social media after saying Northern Ireland isn’t part of the UK

Amazon Prime faces backlash on social media after saying Northern Ireland isn’t part of the UK
Source: Amazon

Amazon Prime has been mocked online after thinking Northern Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom.

On Saturday, Amazon Prime tweeted from their Amazon Prime Video Sport account promoting a rugby match between England and Georgia which would be exclusive to watch on their streaming platform to UK Prime Video members.

A user responded to the account to express his difficulty in finding the game. After contacting customer service and having a back and forth with Amazon Help on Twitter, the account concluded that the customer could not access the match as his location was in Northern Ireland, explaining “Rugby Autumn Nations Cup coverage is exclusively available to Prime members based in the UK.”

This clerical error was enough for the conglomerate to be criticized across social media. Comedian Dara O Briain was among the first to mock the company, claiming they have “delivered a United Ireland.”

After being the joke of social media for the weekend, the streaming service posted an apology Tweet stating “Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK can access and watch the Rugby Autumn Nations Cup on Prime Video as part of their subscription.”

However, the mocking did not stop there. Multiple users complained that they could not watch the game, and Amazon apologized again for “the troubles,” resulting in Amazon making an even bigger mockery of themselves.

Jones, who posted the original complaint on Twitter about the match, was surprised by the responses. He said he was pretty close to the end of his tether by that point, because he had “already been talking to five or six different people on webchat and Twitter, just trying to explain what the issue was.”

Despite going viral on social media, his tweet did not solve his technical issue around the rugby match, and he was frustrated that he “didn’t get to see it in the end!”

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