Unique holiday décor ideas from interior designer Claudia Afshar

Unique holiday décor ideas from interior designer Claudia Afshar
Source: Claudia Afshar

With the last month of the year comes the holiday season that we will still cherish, despite the changes brought by the pandemic. One treasured seasonal tradition is holiday decorating. No matter what you celebrate, nearly everyone adds something festive to their homes (and even their workplaces) as we close out the year and prepare for the next. Many people have collected decorations they reuse year after year, and that’s a great way to keep traditions alive and stay green. However, it can be fun to think creatively about decorating to change things up and keep it interesting.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to holiday decorating this year, then get inspired by these unique holiday décor ideas to change up your routine. It doesn’t require a budget-busting online binge to add a little something with style to your space that enhances your seasonal look. We asked acclaimed international interior designer Claudia Afshar for her thoughts on ways to make your décor a little different this year. So, for something new in this year of unprecedented times, consider these unique holiday décor ideas this season.

Decorate the garden

Decorating common household spaces like our living rooms or the front door is pretty typical for this time of year. But, have you considered adding some festive flair to the sometimes-neglected (especially in winter) outdoor garden? The garden can be a great place to place holiday flair, especially if you’re in a state where the weather doesn’t match the snowy winter scenery seen in pop culture and movies.

Claudia shares that “being in southern California, it can be difficult to get into that holiday spirit without the snow and cold temperatures. However, there’s something magical about holiday lights in the dark evenings. There are so many fun ways to decorate with lighting in the garden – set the mood with lanterns and lit up ornaments.”

As she puts it, lights are universal and a great décor addition regardless of what holiday you celebrate. “We’re mindful of catering to all different cultures, no matter what tradition you’re celebrating,” she explains. “Lights are used all across the globe to decorate for the season and come in so many different forms – all with the purpose of celebrating and bringing people together.”

Switch up the colors

Unique holiday décor ideas
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Although we often have strong associations with holiday colors that might pair with our faiths or family traditions, sometimes it can be fun to switch up the color palette as you make your space festive for the season. As an interior designer, Claudia is always thinking about colors.

“We’re all about timeless holiday décor that we can bring back year after year – pieces that we’re looking forward to unpacking, that bring back memories, and that enhance our spaces,” she says. “There are so many options for generic holiday colors.”

But, Claudia recommends branching out from these traditional staples for a pop of style. “We like to incorporate tones that tie in nicely with the rest of the décor. We use lots of warm neutrals, but don’t shy away from a fun pop of color, like teal and pale pink or antique silvers and golds.” Including a few new neutral pieces or festive additions with a unique color can add a lot of style to a traditional space.

Try a theme

Another way to use some items you already have for the holidays is to consider a theme for your décor. Whether it’s color-based like a “Blue Winter” or activity-based like a “Musical Holiday,” a theme-based décor idea lets you switch things up in a fun way while adding in pieces you may not normally use for the holidays. You can easily change up the décor you use year after year by adding just a little something that matches your theme.

To incorporate a color theme without buying new supplies, simply organize the ornaments and decorations you already have by color scheme. Or if you’re celebrating an activity like sports, travel or music, think about table or mantle pieces that honor your activity – you can display a themed object and spruce it up with a holiday twist. Theme-based décor can also be incorporated into your gift exchange for even more fun. For example, choosing themed gift wrapping, or even gifts, can create memorable touches for a unique holiday approach.

Whatever you do, enjoy your holiday this year to the fullest. If you choose to decorate, then you can make it special in your own way with some of these unique holiday décor ideas. It’s been a long year full of many challenges, so make this time extra magical – whether it’s through fun decorations and themes or just making time for video calls with loved ones. After a year that has been difficult for many, this is the perfect time to spread some cheer by making your space fun and festive for you and your family.

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