6 Instagram accounts to follow in 2021

6 Instagram accounts to follow in 2021
Source: Pexels, Jeremy Levin

Our Instagram feed is almost like a peek inside our minds, as you can tell a lot about a person just based on the accounts they follow. For those of us who spend hours upon hours scrolling through the endless photos, it would be ideal to keep things interesting and entertaining by having a variety of content. With countless Instagram accounts to follow, we’ve done the work for you and found 6 accounts we think everyone should add to their list this year.


If you’re going to be spending time on instagram, you might as well get some education out of it. @History Photographed highlights important and interesting events in history through eye-catching images. Scrap learning history in your conventional, boring way because chances are, you’re going to grasp more fascinating and informative facts with their series of pictures. If history isn’t your thing, this account will definitely change your mind.


We surely don’t need to explain this account, as the name says it all. This instagram account is all about Earth, almost as if Mother-Nature herself is running it. The mystical mountains, lush forests and enchanting lagoons are bound to fascinate you with all our Earth has to offer. Even if you couldn’t send yourself to these locations personally, at least your Instagram feed can travel for you! Scrolling through this Instagram account will activate your wanderlust and surely inspire you to travel and explore more of the world.


If you’re a film buff, this account is about to be your new favorite. But if you’re not a film buff, get ready to be one! @ThisWasHollywood gives you a closer look at the Hollywood film industry in the 20th century. Whether you’re looking for new films to watch or just simply want to dive into a completely different world of entertainment and exhilaration, this account is a must-follow.


Calling all artists – and non-artists. This Instagram account refers to itself as a creative content studio that showcases artworks from artists globally. If you need to get your creative juices flowing, hopping on their Instagram will do just the trick. From sculptures and portraits to the bizarre and abstract, @Love.watts gives us a scope of just how much creativity and art is produced around the world.


Who doesn’t want cool space pictures on their feed? Space beyond our planet might be too far for us regular folk to explore just yet, but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the views of the universe from our Instagram feed. That’s why NASA has one of the best Instagram accounts to follow, because let’s be honest, we can’t get enough of space.


Bringing black and white photography of significant figures to our feed is what @_nitch is known for. Not only will this be a striking addition to your Instagram feed, but it also presents you with instant knowledge about people who have impacted our world. Whether it be from a simple quote or a snippet of their biography, there is something inspiring about understanding more about these people.

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