Three small YouTube channels gain more than 100k subscribers in one day after MrBeast shoutout

Three small YouTube channels gain more than 100k subscribers in one day after MrBeast shoutout
Source: Pexels, Cottonbro

YouTube canceled their yearly YouTube Rewind in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so popular YouTuber MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy, created his own version of the 2020 YouTube Rewind. He gave out some particularly valuable shoutouts to some smaller YouTube channels which promptly led to skyrocketing subscriber numbers for each.

MrBeast talks YouTube in 2020

MrBeast is known for his YouTube channel which features attention-grabbing stunts, game competitions and videos of individuals receiving large sums of donated money. He was also the top creator on YouTube in 2020. MrBeast uploaded the 6-minute video to his main channel (which recently surpassed 50 million subscribers) on New Year’s Day. The video features various creators from YouTube to TikTok voicing their opinions on what should be included in this year’s YouTube Rewind, followed by clips showcasing the very topics the creators wanted.

The video has amassed more than 31 million views already, and the 22-year-old creator decided to give a shoutout to three “smaller” YouTube channels at the end of the video as a way to use his massive following to help these creators in their YouTube career. MrBeast picked the three creators from a huge bowl filled with the names of many YouTubers. Three channels were shouted out: Amelia and Bridie, Soyan Osman and nalterdeeds.

YouTube shoutout boosts subscribers

Amelia and Bridie run a lifestyle YouTube channel in Australia and had 412 subscribers before the MrBeast shoutout. Soyan Osman had 241 subscribers, and nalterdeeds had 1.45K subscribers before MrBeast’s YouTube Rewind. Within a day, all three channels surpassed 100,000 subscribers following the shoutout. Currently, Amelia and Bridie have 180K subscribers, Soyan Osman has 163K subscribers, and nalterdeeds has 134K subscribers on YouTube. Each of the channels uploaded videos to their channel reacting to the rewind and thanking MrBeast (Jimmy) for giving them a shoutout.

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