“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” trailer arrives for excited fans

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” trailer arrives for excited fans
Source: Disney+

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” trailer arrives at last, and the Marvel fan base couldn’t be more excited. Ever since the events that took place in “Avengers: Endgame” and the announcement that Marvel was introducing Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by entering the over-the-top (OTT) media space, fans have been eagerly waiting for “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.” Well, the day has finally come.

During the Superbowl, Marvel premiered the trailer for the upcoming miniseries which features Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan reprising their roles as Sam Wilson/The Falcon and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier, respectively, as they reluctantly “team up on a global adventure that tests their abilities – and their patience.”

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” trailer arrives on Superbowl Sunday

The six-episode series debuts on streaming platform Disney+ on March 19 and takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame,” which saw Steve Rogers retire as Captain America to live in an alternate reality with the love of his life, Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson aka Falcon was then given the shield to carry on Captain America’s legacy.

Malcolm Spellman serves as showrunner and head writer for the series and revealed that the tone of the series will be similar to what viewers have seen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Produced by Marvel Studios, Kari Skogland has directed the miniseries, who has also directed episodes in several TV shows such as “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Vikings” and “Boardwalk Empire,” to name a few. It has been reported that Marvel have spent at least US$25 million per episode for their upcoming projects to ensure the cinematic quality from their films remain intact with their series.

Marvel’s Phase 4 is kicking off

Although the announcement for the series was made in 2019 during the San Diego Comic Con, the show, which was initially scheduled to release in August 2020, has been delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A first look at the series dropped on Disney Investor Day in December 2020, which certainly generated hype among fans who believed the show would maintain the quality of entertainment we have seen from Marvel films previously. However, with the success of “Wandavision” and the action-packed trailer, fans are more excited than ever for March 19.

Fans were also hyped to see Daniel Brühl return to play the antagonist Zemo and Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter, who were last seen in the 2016 film “Captain America: Civil War.”

“The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” is part of Marvel’s Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other projects in this phase include the following movies and television shows:


  • “Black Widow” (2021)
  • “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” (2021)
  • “Eternals” (2021)
  • The untitled “Spider-Man: Far From Home” sequel (2021)
  • “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (2022)
  • “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” (2022)
  • “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2022)
  • “Black Panther II” (2022)
  • “Captain Marvel 2” (2022)
  • “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” (2023)
  • “Fantastic Four” (2023)


  • “Wandavision” (2021, ongoing)
  • “Loki” (May 2021)
  • “What If…?” (2021)
  • “Ms. Marvel” (2021)
  • “Hawkeye” (2021)
  • “Moon Knight” (2022)
  • “She-Hulk” (2022)
  • “The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” (2022)
  • “Secret Invasion” (TBA)
  • “Ironheart” (TBA)
  • “Armor Wars” (TBA)

“The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” premieres on Disney+ on March 19, 2021.

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