Where to find the best coffee in Los Angeles

Where to find the best coffee in Los Angeles
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Despite the pandemic causing closures and restricting communities from experiencing their favorite local coffee shops in person, some of the best coffee in Los Angeles is still being served everywhere across the city. Throughout past years, the Los Angeles coffee scene has dramatically expanded due to the amount of coffee connoisseurs always on the lookout for a cup worthy of six dollars. Coffee culture seems to be a huge part of LA life. Because times of lukewarm coffee and poorly steamed milk are a thing of the past, communities in Los Angeles are acclimating to having a quality drink available on every block. If you’re in LA looking for a top-tier brew, be on the lookout for these coffee houses.

Philz Coffee

Known for their intimate one-on-one experience and specialty beverages, Philz is a coffee chain that has been growing substantially roasting specialty coffee and crafting artisan beverages. Phil Jaber, founder of Philz Coffee, originally started in San Francisco where he later committed to taking on a new sustainable and responsible way of sourcing coffee. You can taste their dedication and love in every cup.

The more you explore the menu, the more treasured flavors you’ll find. Their Iced Mint Mojito is one of their most popular drinks, and the original coffee blends on the menu offer a diverse mixture of aromatic flavors you wouldn’t normally get in California.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Originating in Santa Cruz, California, the very first Verve cafe was founded back in 2007, but they have extended their chain in cities like Los Angeles to San Francisco. Although they have stores located as far away as Japan, Verve Coffee Roasters remains rooted in Santa Cruz where they roast coffee on vintage roasters and enjoy the sleepless waves along the coast of California. Some of their bestseller coffee blends like the Buena Vista Dark and the Sermon draw hundreds of guests each day. But, be sure to also look out for their seasonal flavors like the Wilder Blend that has light notes of figs and raspberries or the SeaBright that has a clean marzipan flavor behind it.

Cognoscenti Coffee Bar

With a couple of locations scattered across Los Angeles, Cognoscenti has been in the business since 2009, serving their community with primarily washed coffees and a menu that is enjoyable to every coffee lover. They run with a smaller team, and their goal is to provide an enjoyable and approachable experience for everyone. When you visit their cafe, be on the lookout for blends sourced from places like Columbia, Ethiopia, Peru and many more.

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea

Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea is committed to traveling and sourcing their coffee beans from communities that share their obsession with quality coffees. Sourcing their coffee from over a dozen different countries around the world, each cup has a unique origin and story to tell. Their cafes are inviting, and their baristas are open to sharing the specific flavor profiles of each blend you try.


Packed with a smaller, more enclosed set up for their guests is a coffee house known as Dayglow that opened up in Silverlake on Sunset Boulevard in late 2017. The interior of this shop has a clean aesthetic ideal for getting the perfect Instagrammable selfie while sipping on quality coffee. Roasters are in constant rotation, but if you’re willing to try something other than coffee, give their Warhol a try; this drink is made special with flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, lime and nutmeg.

Bloom & Plume Coffee

If you’re looking for an artsy-type cafe around Los Angeles, Bloom & Plume Coffee is owned by florist, artist and barista Maurice Harris. Believing the business of beauty, Harris opened a cafe that is half flower shop and half coffee shop, where guests come in not only for their daily lattes but also for the aesthetically pleasing space. Their goal is to create a space that unites people and communities everywhere. So, the next time you’re looking for a perfect brew while browsing for flowers in a unique ambience, check out this shop that provides it all.

Muddy Paw

This dog-friendly coffee shop in Los Angeles remains open daily for anyone or any dog wanting to check out their Wag The Tail special, an iced cold-brew espresso topped with coconut water and milk. Committed to their motto “Have a cup save a pup,” Muddy Paws donates a portion of their profits to local animal shelters nearby. With a welcoming outdoor patio to enjoy with your dog, plus free Wi-Fi, this coffee house is definitely one to check out if you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind.

Menotti’s Coffee Shop

Looking for an extra dose of caffeine with your cold brew? Menotti’s Coffee Shop is one of the only coffee shops that offers cold brew ice cubes with your beverage. That’s right, what’s better than melted cubes of coffee to add to your already caffeinated drink? With a strong love for coffee, the owners also have a huge selection of vinyls that sync well while you’re sipping on their famous espresso and tonic. Despite not having WiFi, the coffee shop has an admirable focus on great records and good conversation – rather than pounding away at more work.

Rubies + Diamonds

As a more fashionable coffee bar in Hollywood, Rubies + Diamonds  shop is decorated with colorful lined art and stunning chandeliers. Co-founder Jean Shim offers a menu full of high-tech and innovative ways of preparing a beverage; things like nitrogen infusion, caffeine-rated coffees and signature cold brews bring in many guests who want to push the boundaries of average coffee shops.

The Palm Coffee Bar

One of the most Instagrammable coffee shops in Los Angeles County, The Palm Coffee Bar sets a high standard for unique and eye-catching beverages. Although the shop offers traditional coffee beverages, people from all over LA come here to take a photo with their famous specialty drinks – including the Iced Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This shop is by far the most sugar intensive coffee destination, so come prepared ready to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings against the dreamy, pastel backdrop.

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