5 of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now

5 of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now
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With streaming platforms taking over the way the world enjoys movies and TV shows, you may be wondering how to find some of the best movies on Amazon Prime right now. Movie theaters are opening their doors again, but despite isolation protocols lightening up due to vaccinations rolling out across the nation, many still prefer staying home with the company of their pets and watching a movie from the luxury of their bed or comfy couch. So if you’re at home wondering what to watch on a Friday night, worry not – Amazon Prime has you covered. Here are our picks for the best movies on Amazon Prime right now.

“Without Remorse”

After 20 years of development, director Stefano Sollima introduces this modernized American action thriller based on Clancy’s 1993 novel of the same name. Playing the lead role is Michael B. Jordan, who stars as John Kelly, a US Navy Seal struggling to bring justice to his murdered wife and unborn child. With an army of Russian hit men to contend with, the movie encapsulates the essence of Clancy’s thriller while also bringing an updated twist to fans who have been anticipating the adaptation.


“Minari” is an emotional drama that follows a Korean American family in the 1980s transitioning into life on an Arkansas farm in search of their own American dream. Steven Yeun’s portrayal got him a nomination for Academy Award for Best Actor in Lead Role, while the movie itself won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Foreign Language Film. With Yeun in the lead role and Lee Isaac Chung directing, the film epitomizes the experience of a family of South Korean immigrants struggling to make it in rural America while dealing with their own challenges as a family. “Minari” is heartfelt and filled with the harsh realities of chasing an uncertain dream in a new culture.

“The Little Things”

John Lee Hancock brings in two of the best known American actors, Denzel Washington and Jared Leto, into this classic serial killer film. “The Little Things” is set in the 90s of Kern County, where Washington plays Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon trying to collect enough information to pin the area’s recent murders on suspected culprit Albert Sparma, played by Leto. This psychological thriller keeps audiences engaged with an unnerving and frustrating experience with twists and questions up to the end.


The writers and producers of the “John Wick” franchise have created another violent action-packed thriller starring Connie Nielsen, Michael Ironside and Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, a man seeking to release his inner wrath after an intense home invasion and robbery. With regrets and constant reminders from his family and friends on how he should’ve handled the attackers, Mansell tries to go about normal life while his blood-seeking desire for vengeance invades his every thought. Mansell lives with remorse every day along this agonizing storyline, and when he finally reaches his breaking point, you’re hit with scenes full of broken noses and pools of blood on the floor.

“The Tomorrow War”

As people are being drafted to fight in a future war, Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is first in agreement to fight for the fate of humanity against an alien invasion in 2051. In this dystopian military science fiction film, director Chris McKay and writer Zach Dean give us an alien infested war zone full of time travelers willing to do anything to save the future. Although originally a Paramount release, Amazon Studios finalized a deal to acquire Skydance Media’s “The Tomorrow War,” and it’s expected to release in the beginning of July. With the only hope for survival relying on this group of time travelers, the movie is full of unexpected turns in a global warfare that’ll leave you wanting more.

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