5 fun things to do in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

5 fun things to do in Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Source: Hong Kong Living

Sai Kung is one of the most popular places for Hong Kongers to visit during the weekends. The beautiful scenery and delicious food attract expats and locals alike looking to make the most of their days off. Here are a few of our favorite things to do in the area.

Sai Sha Cafe

Sai Sha Cafe is a spacious Thai restaurant situated on Sai Sha Road. Serving the community for decades, the cafe’s outdoor light decorations are beautiful, especially during the night. It would be hard to miss the famous restaurant’s huge neon marquee when you pass. Along with comfortable outdoor seating, there is a convenient parking area right next to Sai Sha Cafe.

We recommend their baked taro rice with seafood. The portions are ample and delicious. The cafe provides a wide range of choices on both the food and drink menu for you to choose from. Whether you want to just have a bucket of beer and chat with your friends or meet for a family dinner, Sai Sha Cafe is a great spot to hang out at in Sai Kung.

Address: 10C Sai Sha Road, Nai Chung Village, Sai Kung

Shiba Taro Cafe

Shiba Taro Cafe in Sai Kung isn’t quite as famous as the aforementioned Sai Sha Cafe, but this cafe offers a great breakfast or lunch to fuel you for your day exploring the rest of the area. Relatively new, the cafe has a modest entrance and number of seats for diners. However, there is a Shiba Inu dog in charge of public relations that interacts with customers. The cafe is pet friendly, so you can bring your own Shiba or other doggos to socialize. Although the cafe’s friendly Shiba is cool enough, their menu is worth the trip on its own. We recommend trying their unique homemade pineapple jam, which is fresh from the oven and best served with warm waffles.

Address: G/F, 11 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung

Hap Mun Bay Beach

The beaches in Sai Kung are on many to-do lists in Hong Kong. Hap Mun Bay Beach is a beautiful must-visit spot in the area. In Chinese, the name means Half Moon Bay. The island is shaped like a half-moon, and the water is a clear, turquoise color. To get there, simply take a sampan from Sai Kung Town Pier. The fare is approximately HK$40.

A day at Hap Mun Bay Beach is one of many fun things to do in Sai Kung. There are public shower facilities and a tuck-shop, too. You can rent lockers to store your things while you go for a swim or sunbathe on the beach. There is nothing better than a visit to the beach in this hot summer weather.

Address: Hap Mun Bay Beach, Kiu Tsui Country Park, Sai Kung District

Sharp Peak

Hiking is an increasingly popular activity in Hong Kong. Not only is it free but it’s also a good workout which takes you to the top of the mountain to behold the beautiful scenery from above. There are countless trails and hidden picturesque views worth discovering in Hong Kong. Hiking at Sharp Peak is one of the many popular things to do in Sai Kung. Unlike some other trails, Sharp Peak is very challenging. So, if you are a passionate (and experienced) hiker, you should enjoy this hike. Although it is physically demanding, it comes with a good view – and you can take stunning photos as proof that you completed this trail. Do remember to bring enough water, as the trail can take at least six hours to finish. Gloves and hiking trainers are also a good recommendation..

Address: Sharp Peak, Sai Kung

Wan Tsai South Campsite

Wan Tsai South Campsite is an easily accessible camping area after just a short hike. The bluish purple sky full of stars renders camping one of the top things to do in Sai Kung. Bring your usual camping gear, tents and sleeping bags to stay for the night. Try not to disturb the oxen in the area, and remember to bring enough food and water. There are showers and washroom facilities available, so Wan Tsai South Campsite is suitable for camping beginners. The campsite is also right by the pier, so you can enjoy a swim. Make this a weekend destination for a romantic time with your partner or a relaxing time with some friends.

Address: Sai Kung West Country Park (Wan Tsai Extension), Sai Kung