8 of the best parks in Los Angeles

8 of the best parks in Los Angeles
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City dwellers have adopted stepping outdoors to enjoy some level of normalcy during the pandemic, especially to experience some of the best parks in Los Angeles. Isolation protocols have left many traumatized and afraid of leaving the safety of their home. However, some fresh air via a stroll through the best parks in Los Angeles can alleviate the redundancy of staying home during the pandemic. If you’re finally wanting to leave the house to discover a piece of nature that suits you, pack a backpack with all the park essentials you may need and be on the lookout for these beautiful parks in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles State Historic Park

“Built by the people,” this California State Park is located in the heart of the city near the residential parts of LA’s Chinatown. It has finally opened its beautiful 34-acre grassland after three years of renovations. With attractions like community art scattered around the grounds and wide-open grassy spaces full of fresh orange trees, this park is understandably one of the best parks in Los Angeles. Look for Metro and public transport if you’re already in town, and be sure to watch for upcoming events the park is known for hosting year round.

Palisades Park

Even though this park isn’t located in the city, it’s one of the only parks near Los Angeles with a view of the Pacific Ocean. You can find Palisades park running along Ocean Avenue in beautiful Santa Monica. While you might be hesitant to make a drive up there (unless you’re local), you’ll find this park is forested with palm trees along an ocean view that’s perfect for lying on a blanket and listening to the ocean waves crash against the cliffs beneath. The spot is a local landmark and known for having plenty of other fun activities to do in the area – so pack for a sunny day at the park with a possible chance of a beach day.

Lake Hollywood Park

Ever want to take that iconic photo with the Hollywood sign, but not down for the treacherous hike up? Lake Hollywood Park is a popular park among Hollywood tourists as well as locals that want to relax or have a bite to eat under the famous Hollywood landmark. If you’re wanting to partake in a little more exercise, there’s a lovely lake trail nearby at the Lake Hollywood Reservoir. So on a day where you want to chit chat with other dog lovers and enjoy a day out against the backdrop of La La Land, consider Lake Hollywood Park.

Griffith Park

Located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles is Griffith Park, a spot well known for its 4,000 acres of land as well as its prominent attractions scattered across the park’s vast grounds. Things like the Autry Museum, Griffith Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo and many more are nearby within a short walk or drive from the entrance. This park is one of the largest municipal parks in the United States and is also known for its wide-open natural green terrain covering a large portion of the city. This is by far the most expansive greenery you’ll ever experience right in the city.

Echo Park

Although the park has been temporarily closed due to land and lake restoration, Echo Park has been a favorite picnic spot of LA locals for decades now. Before it became well known for lakeside Instagram picnic photos, Echo Park was a central hub for artists, comedians, bohemians and activists trying to have a voice in the city. Here you’re surrounded by the city’s 50-feet palm trees and accompanied by schools of ducks making their way around the lake. Once the park reopens, expect to be lying lakeside with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other while you watch couples floating on the lake in swan boats.

Elysian Park

Another one of the best parks in Los Angeles is certainly Elysian Park, an enclosed space within the eastern parts of central LA. The park has a residential neighborhood vibe, but you’ll find the ambience here is quite inviting. With the famous Dodger Stadium right next door, Elysian Park includes trails like Angel Point which leads you to a lovely view of the ballpark. Another iconic attraction is a rope swing hung by a tree overlooking the vast LA city view. Looking for a smaller, more intimate park to chill at? Elysian Park might be just the spot for you.

El Dorado Nature Center and Regional Park

Although not quite in the city but still within the county of Los Angeles, El Dorado Nature Center and Regional Park is located in Long Beach. This park is known for being a sanctuary for animals and plants of all kinds. The park has access to multiple trails and is covered in bent trees that tower over you as you walk along each trail. It’s a peaceful and tranquil spot to come to if you’re trying to escape from the noise of the city to enjoy a walk along the lake with nature to accompany your every step.

Sepulveda Basin

One of the only off-leash dog parks located around Los Angeles, Sepulveda Basin is a happening spot for its social dog scene in the community. Here you’ll spot every type of dog breed running around and meet other like-minded dog lovers with endless stories about their tennis-ball-loving canines. There’s plenty of open space for you and your dog to walk around and play. If you’re worried about your dog doing the typical fetch and dash, the off-leash area is enclosed by a fence in case of any runners.

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