Discover the best Viceland shows you should be watching

Discover the best Viceland shows you should be watching
Source: Vice

If you’re tired of the usual on Netflix and Amazon, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Viceland shows that you may have been missing. Digital media company and magazine Vice has been around since the 90s, and the team and creative directors at Vice Media launched their very first lifestyle television channel, Viceland, in 2016. The American and Canadian channels would introduce a new lineup of Viceland TV shows operating under the creative vision of filmmaker Spike Jonze.

Because the globe-trotting brand had already become nationally recognized, popularity rose quickly when this upsurge of fresh, reality-based series Viceland TV shows premiered for the first time. The platform’s debut brought some of the most original short form content video-journalism has ever witnessed. Although Viceland in Canada is no longer operating, the best Viceland shows migrated to Vice TV, which is available for online streaming and is also carried by a number of different cable channels depending on the area.

Vice TV shows like “Gaycation” explore the multiplicity of LGBTQ experiences around the world, and unconventional series like “Bong Appetit” chronicle the art of infusing cannabis with everyday modern cooking. What started off as a small printed punk magazine in Montreal has branched out and become a voice for not only millennials but also younger demographics around the world.

Documenting the modern experience of life across the globe, the team at Vice are committed to representing this forward “engine of culture, empowering creators to push the world forward.” So if you’re new to this voyeuristic take on exclusive docuseries, come with an open mind and discover the best Viceland shows you should be watching.

“Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia”

The complex relationship humanity has always had with psychoactive substances is explored in the analytical documentary series “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.” Starring Hamilton Morris – an American scientific researcher and journalist – the show follows Morris as he travels the world investigating the history, chemistry and cultural impact behind a variety of different psychoactive drugs.

The show has gained notice for its unorthodox approach to methodically studying and drawing conclusions on drugs like the South African “quaalude” or Mexican “magic mushrooms.” Each new season of “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia” introduces a new wave of psychoactive compounds that are very often misunderstood. Morris’s detailed trips and commitment to psychoactive awareness is what makes this series so authentic.


What originally began as a weekly column by Abdullah Saeed has become one of the first ever weed television shows to premiere on cable TV.  Host Krishna Andavolu stars in “Weediquette,” which explores the politics, science and complicated culture of the legalization of marijuana. Because the legality of weed was still a fresh idea to many parts of the world when the show first debuted in 2016, it initiated more awareness about marijuana consumption and practices.

Three seasons of “Weediquette” are available and follow Saeed as he travels around the world to expose the effects marijuana has had on everyday people. Sharing stories of veterans with PTSD using federally illegal marijuana as well as getting acquainted with Mykayla Comstock, an 8-year old leukemia patient who uses large amounts of marijuana for treatment. “Weediquette” isn’t just a typical show about weed, but rather an expose of how it isn’t as bad as the world portrays it to be.


One of the newest series on our list of best Viceland shows, “Slutever” highlights outdated notions of female sexuality, gender and love with the help of sex writer Karley Sciortino. The series puts the spotlight on unusual, yet real life sexual topics that you don’t normally see on TV.

Sciortino delves into growing phenomena like sugar daddy websites, “ecosexuality” and even more out-there topics like “pet play,” in which people have a fetish for animal role-playing. The sex expert discusses all types of sex topics from poly-love to virtual reality porn. “Slutever” openly explores the modern kinks of human sexuality.


Exploring some of the world’s most compelling music scenes and the cultural influences behind them is an American documentary series hosted by Zach Goldbaum. Because the previous seasons “Noisey: Chiraq 2014” and “Noisey: Atlanta 2015” featured such prestigious artists on the Noisey TV series, the season that rolled out in 2016 had already gained high viewership momentum.

Heavy-hitters in the hip-hop industry like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg are featured, giving viewers a firsthand look behind the culture often associated with this genre of music. This inside look on not only the music but also the origins and history tied to it is what makes this music series one of the best Viceland shows.

“F*ck That’s Delicious”

Rapper and former chef Action Bronson stars in this popular food series known as “F*ck That’s Delicious.” Bronson’s humorous and lively personality stars as he travels around the world to try some of the best eateries and cuisines he can find with his friends and fellow rappers.

From embracing the lifestyle and cuisines of an Eskimo in Alaska to eating the finest deli sandwiches in East New York, Bronson’s journey through the world of food has been ongoing for five different seasons now. Follow Bronson as he guides you to the most iconic eateries, witnessing the true flavors of things like scallops and papaya, while laughing through the entire episode.

“Most Expensivest”

Showcasing the most extravagant way to live life is a show called “Most Expensivest,” featuring host 2 Chainz as he reveals the most expensive items in the world. There are people out there that purchase things like gold-coated popcorn or half million dollar bottles of tequila, and we get to explore these luxury items vicariously through this Viceland TV show.

Although there’s only three seasons following the celebrity rap star as he experiments with a variety of new luxury items, expect an upcoming season on even more things you’ll never be able to afford. In the grand scheme of things, you’ll probably never be able to purchase a US$10,000 survival kit, but it never hurts to familiarize yourself with the options.

“Bong Appetit”

If you’ve never witnessed a cooking show that infuses food with all forms of cannabis, “Bong Appetit” is one of the best Viceland shows for just such a topic. With Abdulah Saeed and his team hosting the world’s most complex and flavor-filled cannabis dinner parties, “Bong Appetit” has been a notable series for renowned chefs and pot smokers nationwide.

As the evolution of cannabis culture in America becomes more integrated into modern day practices, we’re beginning to see variations of marijuana infused with everyday kitchen ingredients. Culinary expert Vanessa Lavorato and cannabis expert Ry Prichard guide the special guests into the kitchen in bringing their own heritage to the plate. “Bong Appetit” is an entertaining cooking show on Vice TV that will probably give you the munchies.

“King of The Road”

This show follows an American skateboarding road trip as three professional teams go up against each other for a cash grand prize and title of “King of the Road.” Having a set team, agenda and list of challenges to check off, the tradition of King of the Road has been going on since 2003 and is one of the most intense skateboarding contests in the US. As Thrasher began to gain traction among the skating community, what was next was to see the sport on live television.

Viceland premiered the skateboarding TV series in 2016, and it brought a lot of attention to the skateboarding community. Young kids in the scene got to watch their favorite teams like BirdHouse, Element or Toy Machine go up against each other every week, adventuring around the world and risking their lives to become titled the next King of the Road. If you’re into scavenger hunts, blood-cemented staircases and dudes skating on the best spots around the US, look no further

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