Get ready for an epic battle with “Apex Legends” Season 10, “Emergence”

Get ready for an epic battle with “Apex Legends” Season 10, “Emergence”
Source: Electronic Arts

After only two years since its initial release, “Apex Legends” Season 10 has finally reached anticipated gamers waiting to experience some fresh gameplay. The free-to-play battle royale has made a huge impact on the global gaming community, and “Apex Legends” Season 10 has stirred up quite a buzz.  Since the game is available on platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and recently added Nintendo Switch, its popularity has continuously risen among seasoned veterans of battle royale shooters.

“Apex Legends” is by far one of the best free games to play online. With the publishers at Electronic Arts and the developers over at Respawn Entertainment continuing to dedicate their efforts to releasing new legendary content, Season 10 is expected to be full of surprises. Whether you’ve been a die-hard fan since Season 1, or you’re just getting introduced to the game, “Apex Legends” Season 10 is one to add to your gaming list this year.

“Apex Legends” from the beginning

Source: Electronic Arts

Since its release in 2019, “Apex Legends” has been one of the more diversified battle royale shooters that Respawn has released over its years of developing games. You have a variety of characters or “legends” to choose from, each with their own storied backgrounds and special abilities that will help strategize the perfect team plays to secure your chances at winning. Imagine sky diving into a futuristic dystopian world with two of your teammates to face off against 20 other teams with three-player squads. The object of the game is pretty simple – be the last team standing.

The game has an emphasis on scavenging for the best loot items, so you’re constantly picking things up off the floor of each map; armor, backpacks, shields, stun grenades, ammunition and a variety of different guns are scattered across maps to help increase your chances at winning. Mobility, movement, versatility and teamwork are the tools that ultimately push the momentum of the game.

With the map essentially shrinking with every round, teams collide and fight against one another to try and defend the best spot to win. Over the past nine seasons, everything about “Apex Legends” has evolved in a way you wouldn’t normally expect from a battle royale.

Set in the same science fiction universe as Respawn Entertainment’s “Titanfall” series, “Apex Legends” had already begun stacking a huge fan-based following. By the end of the first month, the game had collected an estimated 50 million players.

Developers of the game are also dedicated to actively including the LGBTQ+ community, which has garnered respect among the gaming industry and fans. The fact that all the characters in the game have their own identity with a personalized, self-reflective story has played a major role into the success of and respect for the franchise.

What to expect from Season 10, “Apex Legends: Emergence”

With a couple weeks into the new season of “Apex Legends,” Season 10 has already left a substantial impression among players that were patiently waiting for the season’s release. What used to include eight legends has now evolved into a total of 16 legends, the newest legend being an “Ambush Artist” known as Seer.

Embracing the effects of your typical recon role, Seer’s abilities help expose nearby enemies with an army of micro-drones that he summons on sight. While his tactical ability allows him to summon drones for a blast that reveals the enemy, his ultimate creates a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the locations of enemies moving within or firing their weapon. Seer is said to be a menace in close quarter combat situations, while also helping play a major role when it comes to supplying visual cues and movements of the enemy for his team.

As we see creatives like Senior Level Designer Garret Metcalf delve deeper into map changes, “Apex Legends: Emergence” is said to bring about some heavy metamorphosis to one of the original maps, World’s Edge. The land is over burdened by heavy mining across the map, ultimately causing the emergence of fresh surroundings mixed with the traditional environment World’s Edge has always been known for.

Expect new areas like the Climatizer, a bigger point of interest (POI) that’s taken over Refinery and Fissure Extension, a fractured part of the map that’s on the edge of East Fragment. Sorting Factory has been swallowed up by a massive sinkhole and replaced with another POI called Lava Siphon; a lava-infused town that offers a different style of gunfighting and map rotation.

Aside from all the map developments, fans have also been anticipating a new gun to tamper with. Rampage is said to be the latest and greatest of the light machine gun class (LMG), and with the high-powered heavy ammo LMG said to increase its fire rate with the help of a Thermite, it can give any legend a hard time in midrange gunbattle.

On the topic of midrange gunbattles, the newest game mode “Arenas” that was added to “Apex Legends” last season has introduced a “Ranked Arenas.” Come prepared for a new journey of proving your rank against the world that finally goes just beyond the average battle royale.

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