Download 7 of the best iOS and Android apps

Download 7 of the best iOS and Android apps
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We’ve rounded up some of the best iOS and Android apps for 2021 so you can make sure you’re staying in the technological loop. Whether you’re an active iOS user or a die-hard fan of Android, with the right apps you can transform your smartphone or tablet into a comprehensive resource for just about anything you need – from organizing to networking to entertainment.

Offering everything from graphic design canvases to livestreams of the best gamers in the world, the best iOS and Android apps continue to evolve and optimize the world of handheld portable devices. So, consider these top apps for iOS and Android before wasting your storage data on an app that doesn’t quite hit the mark.


If you’ve exhausted all of the popular streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu, you’re in luck. Options for livestreamed entertainment have greatly expanded throughout the pandemic. Twitch has become one of the world’s leading platforms for different kinds of streamed entertainment like sports, gaming, fitness, ASMR, cooking, music and more. One exclusive thing about Twitch is that aside from streaming content from the most viewed gamers or fitness influencers, you’re also part of a community and can directly interact with your favorite streamers.


Emphasizing long-term connections between users, Hinge is a mobile dating app that succeeds in “getting you out on promising dates, not keeping you on the app.” With online dating growing in popularity, dating applications like Hinge have developed a new way of helping users find their perfect match.

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge allows for more intimate engagements. Hinge’s matchmaking algorithm is based more on shared interests and “conversation starters” rather than mindless swiping. This “dating app designed to be deleted” is the one to go for if you’re looking for relationship compatibility and long-term connections.


Are you ever out somewhere and hear a song that you’re dying to know the name of? Well, not to worry. Thanks to London-based Shazam Entertainment, users can identify music, movies and even advertising with just a push of a button. The application can listen to a short audio sample, then search for the source and connect you to it.

When Shazam first launched, it didn’t have too many features, but recent updates have made the app more attractive. As you explore and connect with different audio, Shazam will collect your listening history and make a playlist based on your records. If you are always searching for new sounds, Shazam is one of the top iOS and Android apps to download.


Created by Kevin System and Mike Krieger, Instagram is one of the top photo and video-sharing social networks in the world. Chances are, you probably already have this app downloaded. With today’s advanced technology, filters and other app features, the days of poor quality photos and dimmed video edits are over.

A decade has passed since the initial release of Instagram, and since then it has evolved into a major creative outlet for artists, influencers, celebrities and people all over the world. Although the social networking app is contending with similar younger apps like TikTok, Instagram is holding strong as a favorite among Millennials and Gen Z.


Ever since its release in 2007, SoundCloud has helped millions of underground artists get exposure and grow their fan base. There are two ways you can use this app; as an artist or as a listener. By providing independent artists with resources and a platform to help grow their careers, SoundCloud is responsible for the popularity of many now well-known artists.

Heavy hitters in the music industry like Bryson Tiller, Lil Yachty and Post Malone were some of the first artists to blow up in the industry through SoundCloud. With around 30 million artists from 190 different countries, it’s one of the largest music platforms in the world. If you’re the type that loves discovering new underground artists, this one’s for you.


Zillow has been helping millions of people search rental listings and homes for sale since 2006. Created by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, it is now one of the leading real estate marketplaces out there. With Zillow, you can be touring your new house in Oregon while selling your old house in California right on the app.

With one of the largest property inventories as well as comprehensive search filters, Zillow is easily one of the best real estate apps of 2021. Plus, we like hopping on and just searching through fantasy homes in our spare time. Who says you can’t daydream?


The art and practice of meditation has gone mobile. Headspace connects users to programs for mindfulness meditation that you can follow within the app. With an in-house science department led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Megan Jones Bell, the company is involved in more than 65 scientific research studies to help validate its approach. Headspace also tailors programs for workplaces so corporations like Starbucks can support their staff’s mental health by offering access to programs for free.
Their mission is “to improve the health and happiness of the world.” As mental health is a major concern across the world, especially since the pandemic has been ongoing, applications like Headspace are working to make access to mental wellness resources more convenient. If you’re wanting to practice your breathing or listen in on a soothing guided meditation, be sure to check this one out.

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