Take a trip away from the city to Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Take a trip away from the city to Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
Source: Wikimedia Commons, Exploringlife

Amid the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong – generally an atmosphere the city is known for – it can be sensory overload. However, despite the city’s small size, you can find an escape in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong – just 25 minutes away via the Discovery Bay ferry.

Discovery Bay, famous for its options for “outdoor adventure, culinary delights, live entertainment and more,” is known for its large expat community as well as being Hong Kong’s first “eco-friendly town.” The predominant use of English also separates Discovery Bay from other places in Hong Kong, making the area even more accessible for non-Chinese speakers. Discovery Bay is the perfect destination for a Hong Kong staycation, especially at a time like now.

Discovery Bay is full of amenities like vibrant communal spaces in the form of Discovery Bay Plaza and Discovery Bay restaurants offering diverse cuisines. In addition to these obvious spots to visit, we’ve compiled a list of fun ways to rid yourself of stress in DB, just a short trip away from the city.

Glide at the ice skating rink

Freshly completed in May of 2021, you can skate for competition and fun at the DB Ice Rink. At an international size, this ice skating rink caters from “active family fun to thrilling competition.” Standing by Discovery Bay’s goal of being an eco-friendly community, the DB ice rink openly outlines its environmental policy, substantiating its commitment to the environment.

The public skating sessions are generally open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., supervised by rink guards. The admission fee (HK$60) includes time on the ice rink and skate rental. Skaters are encouraged to wear long sleeves and long pants as well as safety helmets, gloves, wrist guards and pads for knees and elbows. Electronic lockers are also available for a small fee to store away your belongings while you skate.

For those with little to no experience in skating, DB Ice Rink offers a skating school for you to learn. Furthermore, until December 31, 2022, skating school students are granted extra privileges at various merchants in Discovery Bay. There are also handrails for children to use and free parent access for one non-skating adult for skaters aged 11 or below, proving this to be a safe activity for kids.

Take a stroll along Tai Pak Beach

You can’t visit without checking out a Discovery Bay beach. Step on the soft sand of Tai Pak Beach while enjoying the ocean, watching people playing beach volleyball and hearing children on the playground. For a classic date, you can simply enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and watch the ferries that come and go against the sunset.

On the occasion you visit with family, kids can let loose in the playground under the supervision of parents appreciating the sun. Beach volleyball nets are available for anyone to freely use, giving you the opportunity for volleyball matches with your friends. Encompassing the perfect moods for romantic dates, family outings and active hangouts with friends, Tai Pak Beach is a popular spot for anyone on a day trip to Discovery Bay.

Hiking in Discovery Bay

While you’re escaping the busy city life, why not immerse yourself in the mountains of Discovery Bay with some hiking? Walking around Discovery Bay, you will notice that mountains surround the area. The paved roads all follow the course of the mountains too, so just following the roads can serve as an easy hike. However, if you want to challenge yourself a little further, there are numerous hiking trails available.

The most common trails pass through the Lo Fu Tau country trail (Tiger’s Head). Described as separating the town from the north of the island, the stunning views of Hong Kong – from the New Territories to the north, Hong Kong Island and the outlying islands to the south and west – prove to be a fantastic asset to the hike. Hiking through this trail starting from Discovery Bay, you can reach Tung Chung or Mui Wo. Both routes take approximately 3.5 hours. For more guides, you can check out the hiking trails here.

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