Inspiring youth initiatives in Hong Kong you should be following on Instagram

Inspiring youth initiatives in Hong Kong you should be following on Instagram
Source: Facebook, Table of Two Cities

As an Instagram follower, are you tired of scrolling through the same meme accounts? Instead, you are looking for something different, maybe even inspirational? One of the best ways any Instagram follower can enrich the content they scroll through (usually daily) on social media is by following Instagram accounts that inspire and give food for thought.

Turning passion into engaging content to raise awareness of an issue or simply share interests with Instagram followers is not an easy feat. But, we have found some fantastic Instagram accounts you may not know about that are worth your follow because of their inspiring, educational and innovative content. So, read on to find out how you, as an Instagram follower, can support these noteworthy youth initiatives in Hong Kong.


With increasing concerns about the health and environmental damages caused by disposable sanitary napkins and tampons, university student Sakshi Vasudev came up with BamPads, which advocates for the use of reusable sanitary pads made out of sustainable and ethical materials. Their Instagram description reads: “The Social Entreprise led by Youth, striving for Empowerment✊, Equality 🌈 and Sustainability.”

BamPads makes reusable pads from bamboo, charcoal and microfleece, which come in fun, colorful designs. These reusable pads are a better alternative to commonly used cotton pads which contain chemicals that can be absorbed by our bodies and are terrible for the environment.

BamPads also occasionally holds a pop-up store in Kennedy Town. In addition, founder Vasudev conducts workshops and seminars to help change the conventional mindset toward menstruation, bust myths surrounding menstrual health and create a platform for open discussion on this “taboo” topic among the Southeast Asian community.


Launched by Hong Kong university students, StayK is a travel company that focuses on giving explorers unique experiences and adventures within Hong Kong. “Why travel when you can have world-class experiences, cuisines and accommodation right in the comfort of your own home?” asks Chief Executive Officer Usman Qureshi.

StayK provides a range of riveting experiences like paragliding, mountain biking, laser tag and war games for an adrenaline rush. They also offer gong meditation and a Zero Gravity Float for helping you get your Zen energy on while relaxing. Or, check out a host of water sports perfect for water sports enthusiasts. StayK aims to help you rediscover Hong Kong through the power of the “staycation.” Especially during the pandemic, which has made traveling difficult, StayK is an excellent option to take care of your travel sickness and avoid “vacation deprivation.”

Aama Ko Koseli

Aama Ko Koseli (AKK) translates to “a mother’s token of love” and is a nonprofit organization started by a group of Nepalese university students in Hong Kong. The organization “focuses on gender issues through the lens of intersectional feminism.”

After learning about the common practice of “chhaupadi” in rural areas of Nepal, which banishes women to livestock sheds during menstruation, the students formed Aama Ko Koseli. Their first project, Project Untouchable Goddess, was a service trip to rural areas of Nepal. They held workshops in schools and villages, encouraging open dialogue regarding menstruation and giving free reusable pads to girls and women.

Over time, AKK engaged in more projects concerning gender issues like body positivity, sexual harassment, masculinity and more. Hoping to foster discussion among the Hong Kong community, AKK invites guest speakers from different backgrounds to lead enlightening discussions on Instagram live.

Colors of Hong Kong

Inspired by Humans of New York, Colors of Hong Kong is dedicated to sharing the stories of all the “colors" in Hong Kong, which include people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. With the efforts and talent of a team of university students, the project features people from all walks of life (primarily based in Hong Kong). Each person’s story is unique and leaves room for contemplation among readers.

Colors of Hong Kong uses a storytelling technique that is uplifting, motivating and helps connect readers to the featured story. The group covers everything from lighthearted topics like a child’s school life to pensive and heavy-hearted stories like the loss of a loved one or the life of a domestic worker in Hong Kong.

Table of Two Cities

Table of Two Cities started in 2016  “as an initiative to record narratives objectively from the Hong Kong refugee community.” We all know that food connects and brings people together. Table of Two Cities has actualized this by holding events where Hong Kong refugees make dishes from their hometowns and share them with their local counterparts.

According to the founders, it’s built on a singular idea. “Table of Two Cities is a storytelling project told through the medium of food. The idea that a shared meal can bring both sides of Hong Kong to one shared table. Two sides of the city, united by an idea, by acceptance, understanding and by food.”

People from all walks of life come together around a big table to share food with each other while learning about the stories and cultures of refugees, helping them feel more accepted and welcomed in their new home. Other than hosting food gatherings, they also organize activities like food drives, comedy and music shows and help spread awareness about a range of issues relating to refugees.

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