Perfume workshops in Hong Kong

Perfume workshops in Hong Kong
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The popularity of workshops during the pandemic is no surprise. During this time, many of us have been subject to working online and remotely. Flexible working schedules have opened the gates for exploring hobbies, both old and new. Maybe you’ve tried watching some new movies, went on a jog, listened to music or have improved your cooking skills.

With all of this, you’ve probably satisfied most of your five senses, but have you tried stimulating your olfactory senses by creating your very own perfume?

From soothing woody scents to fresh green, refreshing citrus or sweet fruity aromas, a perfume is perfect for switching up the mood. With a few spritzes of perfume on your neck and wrists, you can stand out from the musk of Hong Kong’s humid air.

Angel Kong, the founder of Aromonix, explains that “aroma can trigger emotional and physical response and allow vivid memory recall of people and places.” Thus, perfumes help not only to alter the mood but also to create an experience for us.

Angel Cheung, the founder of Intime Artisan de Parfum and fragrance creator of The Peninsula Hong Kong, gave TMS some exclusive tips on making the most of your perfume in the humid Hong Kong weather.

  • “Don’t put perfume directly on [the] pulse point but just next to it, as the high body temperature on [the] pulse point makes the scent volatile easily.”
  • “Put the perfume [on] right after [a] shower as the moisture of the skin [helps] the scent last longer.”
  • “Before spritzing the perfume, put unscented cream/lotion/oil on that area for preparation.”

Perfume workshops help you to learn about different scents and allow you to create your very own perfume. These workshops are designed to cater to your preferences, whether you know what you like or not. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some perfume workshops you can check out in Hong Kong.

Intime Artisan de Parfum

Recently awarded as the best workshop in Hong Kong by Trip Advisor’s Travelers Choice 2021, Perfume Artisan offers workshops dedicated to making French-style perfumes. Founded by Angel Cheung, who pursued “perfumery in Grasse (The World’s Perfume Capital),” Perfume Artisan’s mission is to “spread the perfumery culture (derived from French Perfumery Art) and olfactory pleasure to all people without boundaries.”

Cheung comments that people benefit from making their own scent because it is a “self discovery process, as customer(s) will get to know what scents connect to them the best so that they are able to choose the right kind of perfume in the future.”

There are options for attending the workshops both online and in person. Ranging from HK$590-1188 for one person, each workshop tends to last around one to two hours. In-person workshops focus on French perfume-making and cater to all knowledge levels – from newbies to perfume lovers.

You could attend a private perfume workshop for a personalized experience or even join a session committed to exploring and finding one scent out of 32 that matches your personality. Cheung explains that each participant “will go through a disguised scent discovery to let their intuition make the ingredient selection.”

On the other hand, the online workshops are conducted via delivery of a bespoke perfume-making kit and a guided hourlong video. These online workshops are also generally based on your unique mood and personality so that you can create a perfume unique to you within the comfort of your home.

Address: 903 Koon Fook Centre, 9 Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui

Maison 21G

Maison 21G’s foundation lies in French Haute perfumery, enabling the personalization of your scent combined with Maison 21G’s “expertise in scent design.” Customers receive “direct contact with Haute Couture natural essences” sourced from Grasse, France, to “blend the way you want,” giving customers ultimate control over the perfume they will curate.

Furthermore, Maison 21G is committed to an environmentally cleaner perfume industry, using only “sustainable, vegan ingredients and recyclable packaging, aiming for no plastic.” They are also “100% cruelty-free and without preservatives, GMOs, CMR substances or phthalates,” further committing to upholding their social responsibilities.

Maison 21G also offers in-person and online outlets to customize your own perfume. Their in-person workshops are currently available in Sephora stores, consisting of the Touchless Scent Bar and DIY creation kits for sale. The Touchless Scent Bar allows customers to “encounter, enjoy and mix their scents via an entirely safe, noncontact and self-service display.”

Alternatively, online workshops provide you with three options in creating your own scent – taking a quiz based on your personality, favorite perfumes or desired ingredients. The results will help guide you to your ideal bespoke fragrance.

DK Aromatherapy

DK Aromatherapy is known for its healing essential oils and various treatments to release stress and promote relaxation. Their products and services are tailored to the specifications of each individual. Aromatherapy itself is a “natural health therapy involved in using essential oils extracted from plants to enhance and balance the body, mind and soul.”

As a “natural healthcare center.” DK Aromatherapy provides customized advice and treatment alongside the opportunity to curate a fragrance for yourself. Fittingly, the components of the scent you create at the DK Aromatherapy workshop are essential oils. Lasting between one to one and a half hours, classes are HK$380 per person. You can also contact DK Aromatherapy directly if you want a special arrangement for your own schedule or to participate in the workshop alone.

Address: G/F, No. 19 New Market Street, Sheung Wan


Be sure to check out the Personalized Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oils Mixing Workshop at Aromonix in Hong Kong if you are a fan of scented oils or aromatherapy. In the 2-hours workshop, you will learn about the natural benefits of different aromatherapy oils and make your very own personalized aroma oil.

All participants will take home their own personalized aromatherapy oil that is used for COVID stress relief, a sleeping remedy or immune system fortification. Or make an appointment for their Natural Perfume Roller Workshop online.

Address: Unit 1101, 11/F, Tower 1, Cheung Sha Wan Plaza