Have a topical Halloween with these relevant and funny Halloween costumes

Have a topical Halloween with these relevant and funny Halloween costumes
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Halloween only comes once a year, and funny Halloween costumes are always a hit. For some people, Halloween is more exciting than Christmas. Even as we get older, it still has something of a campy charm. And, hey, the Halloween parties usually go off, especially in bigger cities.

So maybe we don’t trick-or-treat anymore, but we sure as hell can buy a bag of candy and go to town while dressed up for a night out. As this year is the first since COVID began where Halloween finally seems to be in full swing again, we all want to wear our best costumes.

We’ve compiled ideas for the most relevant and funny Halloween costumes this year so you can show up and show out to whatever spooky functions you plan on attending. You can put these funny Halloween costumes together yourself, and we recommend using clothing that you already have or buying pieces that you can wear again for the sake of sustainability.

TMS spoke with the founder of Good Girl Gone Green, Stephanie Moram, for her take on sustainable Halloween costumes. “The best costumes are those that we make ourselves,” Moran says. “I love grabbing things I already have around the house to create my kids’ Halloween costumes and mine. I sometimes need to head to my local thrift shop if I am missing something, but we do our best to use what we already have at home.”

“Here are a few items that you probably already have at home that can be a great addition to any Halloween costume: old button-up shirts, leggings, old socks, skirts, old sheets, jewelry, jacket, overalls, hat, reading glasses and cardboard and markers and other craft items,” suggests Moram.

Individual costumes

Don’t want to depend on your friends to figure something out for a group costume? Or, are you excited to have a chance for some self-expression? No biggie. We’ve got some clever, fun dress-up ideas that you can pick up yourself!

The SS Ever Given

It seems like forever ago that the SS Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal, but this is the perfect one-person costume for Halloween. A genuinely funny callback, you can use a cardboard box to constitute the ship’s body, painting it to look like the container ship. We also suggest that you maneuver yourself to get stuck in as many doorways and hallways as possible while wearing this costume.

Bo Burnham’s “Inside”

Source: Netflix

Holding everyone’s attention for a few weeks this past May, Bo Burnham’s surreal comedy special, “Inside,” is another great costume reference you can make. Based on the many different skits and songs that Burham performs throughout the special, you have many dress-up options. From various outfits he wears in “White Woman’s Instagram” to carrying around a sock puppet, you’ve got a ton of choices based on what Burham wears – some of which are probably already in your wardrobe.

Bernie Sanders with mittens

This one is definitely a little corny. But, when it comes to funny Halloween costumes, it’s sure to be popular. Perfect for those of us in colder climates, it really requires minimal effort while being recognizable and charming. Grab an olive green jacket, some knit mittens and a mask. Then you’re good to go! Be sure to strike the right pose whenever you get the chance to sit down, though.

Noodle the Pug

Source: TikTok

Is it a bones or a no bones day today? Rather than do a typical black cat costume this year, you can go for a dog fit. What better dog to be than TikTok and Twitter sensation, Noodle the Pug? You may need to already have some pretty decent makeup skills to pull this one off, but we believe in you.

Dani from “Midsommar”

Got some white clothes? Got some (real or fake) flowers? Then you’ve got a “Midsommar” costume in the bag. This Ari Aster horror film was a major hit, so you’ll be instantly recognizable as soon as you sit a flower crown atop your head. You can also make a flower cape if you’re feeling crafty.


Whoever thinks “Coraline” isn’t a horror movie is kidding themselves. It’s scarier than Alfred Hitchcock’s entire filmography, really. Because this “kids movie” has forever scarred us all, dressing up as the titular character will garner immediate recognition. If you’ve got a yellow rain coat and can draw buttons on your eyelids, you’re already halfway there! Some temporary blue hair dye, some yellow rain boots and a pair of jeans will finish the look nicely.

Couples costumes

Whether you’re dressing up with your best friend or your significant other, we have some ideas that both of you can enjoy. Read on for some unique and funny Halloween costumes perfect for couples and pairs.

Jennifer and Needy from “Jennifer’s Body”

As this horror-comedy film is experiencing a renaissance of popularity now, you have this one in the bag. And, because both of the girls in it have a few notable outfits throughout the movie, you can work with your favorites! Ridiculous homecoming dresses, a cheerleading costume, or some very 200’s era low-rise jeans? You got this.

Joe and Love from “You”

Perhaps not the kind of couple that you intend to emulate on a daily basis, Joe and Love from “You” are a power couple … kinda? A baseball cap and some blood spatters, a baby doll and a middle part; you’re good to go.

Two sailors from “The Lighthouse”

Now is your chance to finally wear a fake mustache for a costume. “The Lighthouse,” released in 2019, is something of a horror movie – that is, if you can decipher it well enough to be scared by it. Still, it only really has two characters. And they both wear pretty typical nautical ensembles (yes, including sailor hats). If you have another person in mind to join your costume and make it a trio, they can totally be a mermaid!

Group costumes

Birds of Prey from “Birds of Prey”

Got a few kick-ass girls who you want to dress up with? The “Birds of Prey” team has got a lot of personality and some pretty cool outfits. Just try not to argue over who gets to be Harley Quinn. Operative word here being try.

“Schitts Creek”

Another iconic cast of character with distinctive looks is the Rose family from “Schitts Creek.” Depending on how many people you’re planning on getting together, you can also add in a Ted, Stevie, Twyla, Roland or Patrick. The great part is you can wear literally any wig you can find to be Moira.

“Umbrella Academy”

If you’ve got a simple suit and a striped tie, you can pull this off with however many people you can find. Draw a basic eye mask on each member of your group, and voilà! Feel free to replace your dress pants with a pleated skirt if you’re feeling it. And, hey, maybe bring along a couple of black umbrellas – you’re set if it’s a bit gloomy out on Halloween night!

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

The perfect costume for a group of three: Cameron, Ferris and Sloane from this legendary movie. The best part is that they each have pretty distinct outfits throughout the movie, which takes place in a single day. If you really want to get the point across, you can also make a “Save Ferris!” button or sticker  to attach to your costume. Make sure to do the signature cross-armed pose from the film when taking those Insta pics, too. If you can get your hands on a classic Ferrari Spyder to drive around for the evening, then you’re golden.

“The Good Place”

Although this show finished airing a couple of years ago, it’s still has a special place in our hearts. To fit each of their personalities, the main cast of “The Good Place” makes some pretty distinct fashion choices. Obviously, Janet’s outfit never changes, but there’s a bit more freedom with whoever is taking over the other characters. Fun for only the most dysfunctional of friend group.

Whatever you decide to be this Halloween – even if your costume is thrown together last minute, you’re bound to have a blast. Just try to make up for staying home last year. And, even if you don’t want to dress up, don’t forget the most important part of this holiday: candy. Seeing the costumes on kids coming to your door this year will make Halloween worth it, even if you’re only wearing a pair of sweatpants and an old hoodie.

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