Shop small with these clean aromatherapy brands

Shop small with these clean aromatherapy brands
Source: Ritual + Fancy

Shop small this Christmas (and anytime, really) and opt for clean aromatherapy options over big box brands. Many small aromatherapy businesses toss out the chemicals found in big brands like Bath & Body Works in favor of a handcrafted botanical approach to creating their products.

The atmosphere of our spaces can change dramatically with scent – good or bad. Smell evokes memories and moods, like the spice of cinnamon and the sweetness of vanilla paired with falling autumn leaves. Or maybe fresh balsam recalls Christmas nights spent gathered around an illuminated tree. But aromatherapy goes beyond happy memories. Its ancient practice centers around the psychological and physical benefits of natural plant extracts or essential oils.

Aromatherapy relies on our sense of smell and skin absorption. In terms of products, aromatherapy includes diffusers, aromatic spritzers, candles, bath care, body oils and lotions. Health professionals have begun to legitimize the benefits of aromatherapy. Many believe that aromatherapy can be helpful to improve sleep, manage pain, soothe sore joints, jump-start digestion and more.

Small aromatherapy businesses often skip the paraffin wax and instead incorporate clean ingredients such as vegan soy wax, botanical elements and wood wicks to create beautiful scents. You can fill your home with organic, calming scents and find the perfect gift when you shop small this Christmas at these aromatherapy businesses.

Ritual + Fancy

Source: Ritual + Fancy

Based in Portland, Oregon, Ritual + Fancy takes ancient herbal wisdom from various cultures and crafts original aromatherapy candles and botanical bath care. This woman and minority-owned small business makes each product by hand using therapeutic-grade, ethically sourced materials. Though available for purchase online, Ritual + Fancy partners with various local businesses, markets and boutiques to foster an eco-conscious community.

Founder Shakira Mongul left behind a life run by her work as an event planner and devoid of self-care to pursue Ritual + Fancy. She crafts her artisanal candles in small batches with vegan soy wax, natural cotton and wood wicks, dried flowers, pure essential oils and plant isolates. These candles burn clean and fill your space with fragrances free of phthalates, lead, dyes, parabens and other synthetic materials.

For fans of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker,” try the signature candle fragrance Warm Sugar Fig, blended with fig, honey, ginger, vanilla, amber and musk. Looking for that Forks, Washington vibe? Opt for the signature candle fragrance Rain Water, blended with wood, moss, lavender and fresh rose.

If you’re already set with your candle collection, peruse the botanical bath care selection, which includes bath tea, shower mist and bath salts. The bath care line offers two fragrances. The lavender orange blend helps soothe and brighten your skin and mood, while the orange, eucalyptus, mint blend helps bring joy, release tension and combat bacteria.

Bloom Closet Co.

Bloom Closet Co. has quickly gained popularity through its Etsy account and handcrafted wellness products. Its vast selection of bath and body care is its main selling point, while its essential oil blends, room sprays and fertility products cater to more niche consumers. Based out of Houston, Texas, this small business doesn’t have much of an about section, perhaps because the reviews and the products speak for themselves.

Bloom Closet Co. has you covered in the botanical bath care department, from bath salts and bombs to body oil and lotion bars. Your bathroom will transform into your happy place. Aromatherapy, or any form of self-care, is essential during times of elevated stress, such as a pandemic or the holidays. The maze of products might overwhelm shoppers looking for a simple selection like that of Ritual + Fancy. Read on for a brief guide to Bloom Closet Co.’s inventory.

For lovers of astrology, opt for the Zodiac bath salt collection. It’s perfect as a gift for your best friend or an indulgent purchase. Each artisanal fragrance matches the traits of its corresponding sign, such as a dreamy blend of lavender and rose for Pisces and a well-rounded blend of sweet marjoram, chrysanthemum and cornflower for Gemini.

For those who grew up playing Loteria, check out the Loteria-themed room sprays, which feature beautiful images of the cards paired with clean scents. They come in bundles packaged for couples, better and fun fragrance pairs. Order individually for a specific vibe.

Anyone looking for a hands-on approach to self-care should try out the botanical body oils. Both options are non-greasy and deeply moisturizing.

Tiny Tub

This woman and minority-owned small business based in Atlanta, Georgia, deserves mention not only for its adorable name but for its cruelty-free natural remedies made with essential oils and dried herbs. Tiny Tub’s founder and chief executive officer, Brittney Strain, aims to bring back your childhood memories of bubble baths, tea and peaceful sleep. She began Tiny Tub to share her passion for self-care and the remedial properties of natural products. As Strain would say, treat yourself!

Tiny Tub’s products include bath soaks, bath teas, scalp serum, skin therapy and oils. If you’re looking for more information on aromatherapy and its benefits, check out Strain’s blog on the Tiny Tub website. It includes guides to self-care, facts about the products and more.

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