7 Hong Kong YouTubers you should be following

7 Hong Kong YouTubers you should be following
Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

If you’re looking to support some local talent, there are a number of Hong Kong YouTubers you can add to your subscriptions list. From entertaining videos like music and vlogs to educational and informative tutorials, there’s plenty to watch on YouTube.

So, if you want some new entertainment, we’ve got you covered. These Hong Kong YouTubers, with their vlogs containing insights into the city and its culture, offer a dash of Hong Kong pride and even education (in English or with subtitles) to your watch list.


Hanna Vanharanta is a half Finnish, half Hongkongese university student. Having started her YouTube channel from an early age, she regularly posts vlogs on school and life in both English and Cantonese.

She’s gained immense popularity in Hong Kong for her bubbly personality and relatable content, mainly covering school life in Hong Kong, and she currently boasts 198,000 subscribers. So if you’re looking for a break from your day-to-day life in Hong Kong, be sure to check out her channel.

Taylor R is another Hong Kong YouTuber who mainly posts vlogs to her channel. Although she isn’t originally from Hong Kong (she’s Canadian), she currently lives in Hong Kong with her husband and is famous for her TikTok fashion videos.

Taylor R’s content mainly covers fashion and makeup vlogs, lookbooks and lifestyle vlogs that offer insight into her family dynamic. With vlogs about experiencing Hong Kong cultural activities and learning Cantonese with her husband and her recent vlogs profiling struggles with infertility and pregnancy journey, her channel is great for both fashion advice and peeks into Hong Kong culture.


Emi Wong is a fitness YouTuber who offers advice and workouts for getting fit at home. She is a certified advanced personal trainer, and she posts fitness videos targeting specific areas of the body and full-body workouts. You can follow along by doing the whole workout routine with her, and she also has some fitness videos matched with K-pop songs from artists like BTS and Blackpink. Tune in as well to one of her many health-related vlogs, including challenges like “Eating vegan for a day” and more.

Coffee Lam is another fitness YouTuber who mainly focuses on instructive yoga videos. A former TVB actress, this fitness influencer and qualified yoga instructor went through some troubles with her health early on, causing her to resign from her position to focus on self-care. Now she posts various stretching and workout videos for anyone to follow and gain more self-confidence. She has also built her own brand, CoffeeSweat, which sells gym clothes and accessories.

Hong Kong Culture

Among our list of Hong Kong YouTubers, Dim Cook Guide is your go-to video cooking guide. Posting videos typically every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, this channel’s extensive list of content revolves around cooking Hong Kong-style dishes and desserts. The channel also features an occasional vlog of making clay dishes and visiting different places in Hong Kong, giving insight, not into just the culinary aspect of Hong Kong but other cultural interests.

Although the host speaks in Cantonese, Dim Cook Guide’s YouTube videos do have English subtitles that, although they aren’t perfect, encompass the essence of the dialogue and comedy well enough to make the channel still worth watching for English speakers.

YouTuber Sheren Devina vlogs her day-to-day life and memories on her YouTube channel. She has posted travel vlogs from before the pandemic, where she shares her travel experiences exploring different countries. Until recently, she was based in Hong Kong, being grounded due to the pandemic. But, she made the most of this time posting many vlogs of her activities around the city. Her vlogs capture the essence and beauty of living in Hong Kong, from apartment tours to camping trips.

Last but not least, on our list is Explore Hong Kong, which features not only home-cooked recipes of traditional Hong Kong dishes and desserts, but they also venture out into the streets and festivals of Hong Kong, giving viewers an up-close look without even leaving home. Watch for a closer look at events around Hong Kong as well as guides for participating.