Where to find CBD-infused drinks in Los Angeles

Where to find CBD-infused drinks in Los Angeles
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With the deregulation and destigmatization of cannabis throughout the United States, many Angelenos have begun to experiment with cannabidiol or CBD oil consumption via the food and beverage industry. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD doesn’t cause a “high.”

Usually derived from the hemp plant, CBD oil can benefit your health and lifestyle – from managing chronic pain and clinical anxiety to creating a calm flow to your day.

Though the trend has only just started to seep into entrepreneurial ventures, various CBD-infused products have launched over the past few years, including chocolates, candies, beverages and skin care. But the easiest (and least expensive) form of CBD consumption might be beverages. A range of coffee shops, tea shops and bars now offer the option to add CBD oil to drinks.

Prospective consumers often ask whether CBD oil counteracts the energizing effects of coffee, which makes sense if you’re seeking an energizing effect. Professionals have raised their doubts, as well.

Fortunately, CBD does not counteract caffeine when taken in small doses. Though CBD takes the edge off of caffeine-induced anxiety, it won’t make you sleep through the day. In fact, many people swear by its ability to relieve stress and enhance your focus. It’s all about figuring out what your body needs and establishing a routine.

With Los Angeles’ Original CBD Cafe temporarily closed, you might be at a loss for where to find your CBD fix. Check out our list of CBD cafes in Los Angeles.

Supa Coffee

Women-owned, curated by and for beverage connoisseurs and eternally blowing out their speakers with hip-hop, Supa Coffee offers aesthetic layered drinks and sources small-batch coffee from a roastery in Seattle, Washington. They’re officially labeled as a kosher small business. And, of course, you can add a dash of CBD to any drink on the menu at this cafe.

Speaking of, what’s on the menu? Tea, boba, coffee. You can add a wide selection of alternative milk, flavored syrups, matcha shots, boba, chai and more. Supa has it all. It’s not just the look and the vibe that’s hip – it’s also the drink names. Dr. Dre Supa Fly Iced Latte makes for a versatile and fun layered drink, with espresso, your choice of milk and blue hibiscus tea.

Supa also serves up a great food menu, complete with pastries, garlic bread and more. But we all know you came for the CBD drinks.

Address: 1173 South Robertson Blvd.

Coffee MCO

Located on the border of Koreatown and Downtown LA, Coffee MCO is a cafe and espresso bar for the modern and the low-key. MCO’s coffee, tea, craft beer and limited but delicious brunch might make you drool as you read through the menu.

The music and the small venue make for a great study location. So bring your notes, your laptop and a good book along in your tote bag. The CBD latte comes in at US$8, which might seem like a lot until you realize that other cafes charge around US$3 extra for a shot of CBD on top of your regular order. So savor that drink and its benefits.

Address: 250 W. Olympic Blvd., Unit #2

Alibi Coffee

Sustainably sourced and roasted daily, Alibi’s coffee only knows quality. But it isn’t snobby or overpriced. It’s an honest institution that cares about its customers. Alibi Coffee Company also happens to be the first coffee roaster in Los Angeles’ West Adams district. Coffee, quality, affordability and community are Alibi’s priorities. Come here for friendly staff and a chill atmosphere.

Plus, they offer CBD shots for only US$2.50 extra, whereas most other places will charge US$3. From seasonal specials and teas to pour-overs and espressos, Alibi is the place to go for good CBD-infused drinks that fit your budget.

Address: 2268 Venice Blvd.

Gracias Madre

This beloved West Hollywood plant-based Mexican food joint and offshoot of Cafe Gratitude crafts three imaginative CBD oil cocktails. Gracias Madre loves to experiment and play around with menu items, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the drinks. Bartender Jason Eisner forged a path for Los Angeles cannabis culture by spearheading the incorporation of CBD in Gracias Madre’s cocktail menu. He sources the cafe’s CBD oil from an organic provider in San Diego.

Let’s dive into these unforgettable drinks, starting with the Stoney Negroni. Like any classic Negroni, Eisner’s drink mixes gin, Amaro and vermouth. The twist lies in a few elements, including the replacement of Campari with Contratto Aperitvo, a dash of port and a CBD tincture.

Next, we have the Rolled Fashioned, boozed up with mezcal añejo-bourdon, spicy spirits, sarsaparilla syrup and CBD oil. Topped off with a vegan churro garnish, you’ll feel inescapably high-end when this arrives before you.

Last we have the most popular CBD cocktail, the Sour T-iesel, which riffs off the Tequila Sour cocktail. The addition of CBD oil and aquafaba makes for a creamy, dreamy drink. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the lime juice, agave, mint and sage. The best part might be the matcha stencil of a weed leaf that floats atop this ingenious creation.

Address: 8905 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

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