Aura Blockchain Consortium partners with Hennessy for sustainability, transparency and traceability

Aura Blockchain Consortium partners with Hennessy for sustainability, transparency and traceability

Aura Blockchain Consortium recently integrated Hennessy, a bestselling French cognac distiller, into its tech platform designed for high-end brands, making the spirit label the first of its kind to join the Consortium’s ranks.

Founded by Prada Group, LVMH, Cartier by Richemont and OTB Group, the Aura Blockchain Consortium is a non-profit supporting global partnerships that advocate and contribute to sustainable development. They believe that commitment to positive change can coexist with competition.

For those who may not know, a blockchain is a method of recording information, especially transactional data, which distributes a comprehensive ledger to all network participants. Blockchain therefore thwarts attempts to cheat the system. The traceability that blockchain provides makes transparency possible.

Marked by sustainability initiatives within the luxury market, the Consortium supports distribution transparency so that consumers know how their products end up in their hands. That transparency necessitates supply chain traceability.

Why Hennessy?

“Hennessy has demonstrated true leadership and a commitment to sustainability and responsibility within the luxury sector for years and we are delighted to onboard them to the new opportunities available to transform their business with our blockchain solutions,” says Daniela Ott, the Consortium’s Secretary General. “Hennessy will be integrated into the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s platform to provide full traceability across the supply chain direct from the distillery to the consumer.”

Hennessy’s long and prestigious history began in 1765, and they now hope to be known not only as a renowned spirits brand but one with unparalleled sustainable integrity. Their slogan, “from grape to bottle,” simplifies a deeply involved process.

First is viticulture. They mechanically harvest Ugni Blanc grapes at the Charente vineyards. True to its standing as a luxury spirit, Hennessy’s grapes must be grown in strictly regulated areas in order to bear the Cognac Protected Appellation of origin.

Next comes a precise double distillation process to produce cognac’s eaux-de-vie and then years of maturation in carefully monitored cellars. A Master Blender then selects superior eaux-de-vie with the help of a Tasting Committee.

Blending is perhaps the most meticulous and subjective of the steps. Each eau-de-vie presents its own nuances and personality. They must be carefully chosen and blended in order to uphold Hennessy’s reputation of excellence.

And finally, the bottle. Of course, it doesn’t end there. The bottle has to end up at the lips of the consumer. Hennessy ensures that they minimize their ecological footprint each step of the way from the vine to the glass.

They also strive to deliver unique experiences of their brand throughout the world, such as a limited edition of Hennessy Paradis backed by an authenticity certificate during Chinese New Year of 2022. Handcrafted by French porcelain artist Bernardaud, this collector’s edition took inspiration from international artist Zhang Enli’s piece “Poetry and Wine Welcome the Tiger.”

Interested parties can discover this unique product via a consumer-facing website where they will obtain an authenticated certificate through WeChat. This exemplifies the Aura Blockchain Consortium’s goal of sustainability, transparency and traceability.

Can sustainability and luxury coexist?

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Luxury brands revolve around providing long-lasting, quality and exclusive products. Past generations took those standards at face value and instead villainized fast fashion alone. But new generations have expanded the dialogue. Sustainability is now on the lips of all industries, and luxury brands aren’t exempt from the conversation and the accompanying expectations.

“We can only offer a viewpoint from our perspective and how we are working towards a more sustainable luxury sector,” says Ott. “The Aura Blockchain Consortium is a solution created by luxury brands for luxury brands to enhance the luxury customer experience. [We aim] to be the most sustainable blockchain solution for luxury brands on the market.

“The Aura Blockchain Consortium has also established a Sustainability Committee where all founding members […] meet to discuss environmental issues such as blockchain sustainability, traceability and responsible sourcing,” adds Ott. “The main objective of the committee is to work together to identify sustainable approaches to the challenges that the blockchain and luxury industry may encounter and how to proceed with Sustainability 3.0, which focuses on how to blend sustainability with digitalization.

“The Aura Blockchain Consortium aims to provide one of the world’s most sustainable private blockchains based on IBTF technology,” says Ott. “By using a private blockchain, Aura has full insight into the location of the nodes and thereby has complete transparency into energy consumption. Aura has a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025.

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