EU looks into sanctioning Putin’s two daughters

EU looks into sanctioning Putin’s two daughters
Source: The Moscow Times, Screenshot Rossia 24, YouTube

The EU is looking into sanctioning Vladimir Putin’s two daughters, Maria and Katerina, over the war crimes in Ukraine.

Right now their names are just on a list of people to be sanctioned, but it’s probably going to get Putin’s attention, considering how much he tries to keep them out of the spotlight. His daughters’ lives are pretty secretive, and they even have different last names from him. ​​On top of that, the Kremlin has never officially released the names of his daughters or photos of them grown up.

Key comments:

When asked in 2015 about news circulating on Putin’s daughters, press secretary Dmitry Peskov responded: “In recent years there has been an enormous quantity of gossip on the subject of the family ties of V. Putin, and, in particular, his daughters. The proportion of accurate information in all these publications is laughably small.”

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