Social media influencers diversify their money-making strategies

Social media influencers diversify their money-making strategies
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Influencers are now looking to diversify their income streams. Rather than just making money through advertising stuff, they’re now getting into the business of teaching other people how to become an influencer so they too can make money through advertising stuff.

This whole “let’s help each other become influencers” business is now a US$20 billion one. For example, Christina Galbato is a travel vlogger and social media influencer who sells online lessons for US$700 and is on track to make US$4 million this year.

Key comments:

“Alexi, a style blogger at @housegleaves, was a student of The Instagram Boot Camp v.1.

She started her Instagram in August 2017 with the goal of reaching 10,000 followers by Christmas. Using the growth techniques in The Instagram Boot Camp, she was able to double that goal and gained more than 20,000 followers in 4 months,” writes an Instagram post on Galbato’s @influencer_bootcamp.

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