Plant-based meat executive bites a guy’s nose

Plant-based meat executive bites a guy’s nose
Source: Tyson Foods

You’ve probably heard about Beyond Meat, a company that specializes in creating plant-based imitation meat products. The idea is to reduce people’s meat consumption, and even if you don’t go vegan or vegetarian or anything, cutting a little bit of meat out of your diet can go a long way when it comes to health and sustainability.

And you can be sure the company isn’t too pushy about being plant-based since, on Saturday, its COO Douglas Ramsey was arrested because he literally bit another dude’s nose.

To be clear, it doesn’t sound like Ramsey had a cannibalistic craving he needed to satisfy. Rather, he got into a fight with someone after an American football game in Arkansas. He reportedly got mad after a Subaru bumped the front tire of his SUV, so he punched through the person’s back window and bit into his nose, ripping into the flesh. Geez.

Ramsey was let out on bail on Sunday but is being charged with third-degree battery and making terroristic threats. It isn’t clear yet if Beyond Meat is cutting ties with him, but the company has said he is suspended effective immediately. Some reports say the company is getting ready to launch a new kind of meat called “Sports Fan Sniffer.” (That last part is a joke, don’t come for us.)

Key comments:

Official documents show that Ramsey is being charged with one count of “terroristic threatening,” and one count of third degree battery. His total bail amount was set to US$11,085.

According to a filing last year, he’ll have to pay back some part of his US$450,000 sign-on bonus, “if for any reason his employment terminates within one year of his start date,” such as, for example, if he bites a guy’s nose and gets fired.