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Cheers to Breer – the social enterprise inspiring us to upcycle our food scraps


Breer, the boozy bread beverage business (try saying that 10 times fast!) has been heading onwards and up since the last time they sat down with TMS for an interview. Blossoming from an idea between four university students out celebrating the end of exams only to be shocked by the colossal amount of bread discarded by a bakery they happened to pass by, this social enterprise based on upcycling discarded bread into craft beer has seen great advances since its launch two years ago.

Two of Breer’s four founders, Naman Tekriwal and Suyash Mohan, caught up with TMS to chat about what has been going on behind the scenes with Breer and give us an idea or two on how to upcycle in our own lives.

Trash is treasure

Since their original idea of creating Breer back in 2019, Tekriwal and Mohan admit that Hong Kong caterer Maxim’s Group had always been on their radar for a collaboration. Being the largest supplier of bread in Hong Kong, it was consequently the largest resource of bread waste as well. It seems that Maxim’s was waiting for Breer to prove themselves in the market before approaching.

“You’d actually be surprised, but they were the ones to approach us,” Mohan says with a humble smile. “They realized they had a problem of bread wastage and finding different ways to bolster their ESG, and at the same time reducing their bread wastage was a task for them as well. And it seemed like a perfect fit for the both of us, you know – they could provide us with the surplus bread, and we could use that surplus bread to make craft beer.”

Together, Breer and Maxim’s launched BOB, an acronym for Bottle Of Bread. They saw that HK$10 from every bottle sold was donated to Operation Santa Claus, a charity campaign run by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

Trash is treasure

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