By The Millennial Source

Migrant Labor Made America Great – History Behind the US-Mexico Border Crisis

– During a tour of a US border detention facility, Mike Pence encountered hungry men struggling to sleep on the floor of overcrowded cages. Many of the men came to the US to work.
– To investigate why the US has failed for decades to enact useful immigration reforms, The Millennial Source abided by an old guideline of American journalism: When in doubt, follow the money.

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– Which private corporations are cashing in on the humanitarian crisis?
– How crucial is migrant labor to the American economy?
– For how long have US employers and government agencies alternated between recruiting immigrant laborers and punishing them?
– What is the history behind the labor exchange programs that brought the first waves of Mexican workers to the US? What happened after the largest such program ended?

Faces in the Cages – How US Policies Shaped the US-Mexico Border Crisis

The US Humanitarian Border Emergency, Part One Bennett Siems Images of the children, separated from their parents and huddled in detention center cages at the US-Mexico border, have shocked the world. Verified reports of these children being denied basic necessities like blankets, soap and toothbrushes have escalated the global outcry. And detained adults are not…