A smart shopper’s guide to Black Friday

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Black Friday is a beloved American ‘holiday’ that has now become a global trend that allows consumers to go on a shopping spree without breaking the bank. Whether you’re hoping to upgrade to a new phone or buy Christmas gifts, here’s how to approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday like a pro.

Go beyond the headlines…

– How do you avoid the crowds?
– What shouldn’t you buy on Black Friday?
– What should you buy instead on this beloved holiday?

The millennial’s guide to pre-loved fashion

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 4 minutes The fashion industry is one of the main culprits of pollution and carbon emissions. It produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions, according to the UN Environment. The numbers are stark: it takes 2 700 liters of water to produce a single cotton T-shirt and around 7 500 liters of water to create a typical pair of jeans.

If you’re concerned about the sustainability of fast fashion, buying and selling pre-loved fashion is a great way to still look chic without further damaging the planet. Pre-loved clothes are usually cheaper than brand new items, which is a great way to save money as well.

Here is everything you need to know on, where to find quality pre-loved fashion and how to find quality items.

How to Survive as a Digital Nomad

By: Chi Ngo

Reading Time: 5 minutes At first glance, digital nomads may look like they have the dream job. They travel around the world and work remotely from a beach, plane, or alpine resort with the help of digital tools. They’re never stuck with the 9 – 5, which allows them to visit exotic places and experience new things every day.

These were the “pros” I had in mind when I first started working as a digital nomad three years ago. I soon found out that there’s no such thing as a dream job and that being a digital nomad (as with any other job) comes with its own set of challenges.

If you are hoping to become a digital nomad, here are a few survival tips on:

1) How to find work as a digital nomad
2) Insurance, taxes, and other adult problems
3) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Who is Molly Bloom (PLUS 11 Quotes on Money & Life)

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 3 minutes Molly’s Game, a 2017 film by award-winning director Aaron Sorkin, depicts the true story of a young American woman who founded “…the Most Exclusive, High-Stakes Underground Poker Game in the World.” Sorkin adapted the screenplay from a book by the same title, written by the woman herself – Molly Bloom.

Bloom’s rise from the depths offers plenty of lessons in determination, self-awareness, “owning it” and learning from past mistakes.

“I have been hugely successful at times in my life, and I have also been in ruins. But the lessons I learned on the way up were just as valuable on the way down.”

The beauty of rolling with the punches – Interview with Hilton Augustine Jr.

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, Dinocrates Group announced its acquisition of Global Management Systems, Inc. (GMSI), a networking and communications company. GMSI handled communication network systems for some of the most secure organizations in the world, such as the US Department of Defense.

Our reporter spoke with Hilton Augustine Jr., the fascinating figure behind GSMI, about his journey. Augustine’s thoughtful answers show how that journey has been shaped by his unique combination of relentless drive and simple joy in taking life as it comes.

10 Quotes that will make you rethink the way you live and work

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 3 minutes As busy individuals with hardly any time to reflect on what we do, we can easily become slaves to our habits.

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology has found that “about 40 percent of people’s daily activities are performed each day in almost the same situations,” without conscious thought.

But let’s just say that you feel a need to reconsider how you’re currently living and working, and perhaps modify your existing habits. Well, here is your opportunity to harness your power to change by using some time-tested adages and quotes to guide yourself in the right direction.

Dream big, work hard, stay focused and surround yourself with good people. – Anonymous

Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice

Recycling to success – the man behind Majestic Corporation

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 4 minutes WSF Group was an early mover into the metal recycling industry, at a time when few saw its potential. That industry is now forecasted to be worth USD 406.16 Billion by 2020.

In 2017, WSF was reborn as Majestic Corporation, a forward-thinking company poised to capitalize on the booming recycling market in this age of short-lived devices.

Our reporter met and spoke with Peter Lai, the man behind Majestic Corp, about his past, present and future. The interview provided a window into the rapid-fire, seemingly random inner workings of a man who never slows down.

10 quotes from Halsey on success and fighting for what you believe in

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 3 minutes At 24 years old, Halsey is one of the world’s hottest young singer-songwriters. After posting self-published songs on social media, she quickly rose to stardom, soon releasing her major-label debut album and touring with larger acts.

Halsey isn’t just another pop star, however. Aside from being one of the world’s most recognizable faces, she is a prominent activist for gender and racial equality, climate change action, mental health awareness and LGBT rights. And she’s not afraid to pick fights with the powerful.

“People are so afraid to talk about real things, but they’re experiences that everyone goes through.”

“I’m a human, and I’m multidimensional. If I was the perfect form of anything, I’d be boring. If I was a free spirit all the time, I would be boring; I would lack depth. If I was dark and enigmatic all the time, then I would lack relatability.”

After working at a startup, here are my four biggest lessons learned

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 6 minutes America’s startups showed the way for innovative companies around the world, or at least it seemed that way from thousands of miles away where I grew up. Desperate to experience a bit of that excitement, I decided to take the plunge and live the startup life.

The first six months or so were pretty anticlimactic. But when things started moving, they moved very, very fast. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t progress in our favor. 

Here are my key takeaways from my time working at a failing startup. 

1) Keep your eyes peeled and listen to your intuition.
2) No matter how bright you are, you can never do it alone.
3) You can have the best people with the brightest minds, but decisions are still made by the person who owns the company. 
4) Someone better know how to manage finances – and that person should be the founder, or hold equal power to the founder.

How to Reduce Cellulite – Here are 5 Ways

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 6 minutes Recently, popstar Camila Cobello was snapped on the beach by paparazzi and passersby. Soon after, she was slammed in the media for having cellulite and being “too fat”. But cellulite is so normal – a reported 85% of women over the age of 21 have it.

Even though cellulite is made up of fat deposits, it isn’t necessarily related to being fat.
That said, managing your weight and making a few other healthy lifestyle choices might significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. And there’s no reason to feel bad about wanting to try.

Here are some tips:

1) Drink more water
2) Brush and exfoliate your skin
3) Eat well
4) Stress less
5) Move around – doesn’t have to be intense, don’t worry!

Top 6 Angelina Jolie Quotes on How To Be and Raise Magnificent Women

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie spoke out about the inequalities women endure around the world today. She also shared some advice she gives her daughters on how to become strong and magnificent women, in spite of all the obstacles placed in their way.

“In my work, I travel often to countries where I know that if I were a citizen there, my beliefs and actions as a woman could land me in jail or expose me to physical danger…”

“I often tell my daughters that the most important thing they can do is to develop their minds. You can always put on a pretty dress, but it doesn’t matter what you wear on the outside if your mind isn’t strong. There is nothing more attractive—you might even say enchanting—than a woman with an independent will and her own opinions.”

4 gift ideas for that type A friend

By: The Millennial Source

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all have that friend who is always just so on top of life. Every single event is recorded in her calendar, and she’s always 15 minutes early to everything, always put together, just always “on”.

They amaze us, but these friends also cause us mini panic attacks when it comes time to buy them gifts. Finding something that will meet their expectations and that they’ll actually like seems a little … daunting, to put it mildly.

So when it’s time to get a gift for that friend, here are a few ideas to make her day without driving yourself crazy!