4 gift ideas for that type A friend

4 gift ideas for that type A friend

We all have that friend who is always just so on top of life. Every single event is recorded in her calendar, and she’s always 15 minutes early to everything, always put together, just always “on”.

They amaze us, but these friends also cause us mini panic attacks when it comes time to buy them gifts. Finding something that will meet their expectations and that they’ll actually like seems a little … daunting, to put it mildly.

So when it’s time to get a gift for that friend, here are a few ideas to make her day without driving yourself crazy!

1) The Perfect Bag

For many of us working gals, bags need to have that perfect combination of style and practicality. This is especially true for your friend who’s always on the go. From her quick workout to that morning meeting to drinks in the evening, she’ll love a bag that works for every occasion and always fits her look.

2. Make-up organizers

Many of us know how annoying it can get having all those skin products and make-up options. When you’re scrambling to get out the door, the last thing you have time for is to look for that concealer buried beneath 20 other things.

Chances are, your Type-A friend has some clever, color-coordinated, make-up and skin-care organization system already. She probably seldom goes through the morning scavenger hunt most of us know all too well. But that doesn’t mean she won’t want to kick her organization scheme up a notch.

Here are some killer organizers so she can up her on-top-of-it-all game even further!

And if your friend is a busy traveler, here are some bonus travel make-up organizers that will make her globe-trotting even more efficient!

3. Journal/diary/gratitude log

If you think you’re busy, that friend of yours probably has a helluva lot more to juggle! To organize all her business, there’s probably a lot of jotting down of the day’s events. And I’ll bet she also loves to list out her periodic goals.

With journals becoming more multifaceted than ever, you can always help your friend amp up her diary game. That might mean getting her a diary with a morning gratitude section, a goal-setting section, a habit-tracking column, or daily quotes. The options below have all those and more!

4. A few good books – audio or old-fashioned

Fitting in time to lose yourself in a good book can be a real challenge, especially with the go-go-go schedule that your friend probably has. Audiobooks are a multitasker’s dream!

Whether it’s during her daily commute, at the gym or during her work break, with just a few clicks, your friend can access her own personal digital library. She’ll love being able to expand her mind while continuing to wow you and all the world with her daily achievements.

Here are a few of my favorite audiobook platforms:

  • Scribd – with Scribd, you can send a gift membership for three, six, or twelve months.
  • Audible – Below every book selection is an option to gift the book. After purchasing, you can then send the book via email or, to make it more personal, with a card. Like Scribd, Audible also allows you to send a gift membership.

While Type A gals love all things efficient, there are those tactile ones who love unwinding with an actual, physical book in their hands. Not knowing what book format your friend wants is just the sort of thing that can start the panic all over again.

So let’s say your friend is always on top of the latest literary trends, but you don’t know whether she prefers listening to books or curling up and turning the pages herself. A simple trick to find out is just to talk about how much you love your new audiobook, and see how she reacts!

5. And last but not least … Jewelry!

Chances are, your friend is always put together. So you’ll definitely win at gifting if you give her jewelry pieces that represent her personality, yet are still appropriate for work and evenings out.

Whether she prefers the edgy and fun look or classic work pieces, the sites below have it all!

And to allow for an easy change of looks throughout the day, here are some jewelry organizers she can keep handy for her look swaps from day to night!