About TMS

The team at TMS sifts through the internet noise to provide you with digestible reporting, empowering you to draw your own conclusions. We aim to make it easier to connect with the world by making news more accessible and bringing you the stories you care about most – from global Headlines to Human Stories from Hong Kong.

We avoid sensationalism, value objectivity and promise always to deliver information from a level playing field.

What we cover

We bring you news from around the world Monday through Friday, covering topics like finance, business, tech, cryptocurrency, climate change, sustainability and more. For a break from the news, we hone in on diverse personalities in our Human Stories from Hong Kong segment each weekend.

How we deliver

Our daily newsletter

During the week, the TMS team curates a Daily News Briefing – from major global headlines and breaking news to lighthearted water cooler chatter. We keep things conversational, accessible and easy to digest for all.


We build out from “the backstory,” which provides context and foundation, to “the development,” which brings you up to speed on what’s going on. Our coverage includes “key comments” from a range of perspectives, so you know what people on all sides of the story are saying.  

We don’t editorialize the news. There are enough polarizing opinions floating around out there. So, we aim to bring you the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Human Stories

As important as the news is, human stories matter, too. So, each weekend, we introduce you to diverse personalities throughout Hong Kong.