About TMS

TMS (TheMilSource) is your go-to source for insightful and engaging news for English-speaking working professionals in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest and most relevant information about the city, from headline-grabbing events to human-interest stories that resonate. Our mission is to help you stay informed and connected to some of what matters most in Hong Kong's fast-paced environment.

What we cover


Our Headlines segment is dedicated to delivering weekly deep dives into the most pressing topics impacting Hong Kong. From the far-reaching implications of a plastic ban affecting local cha chaan tengs and Michelin-starred restaurants, to the government's push to transform the city into an arts hub, and the surge in travel to the mainland, we ensure our audience is informed and engaged.

Human Stories

Our Human Stories segment is a celebration of ambition and trailblazing spirit. We feature in-depth interviews with a diverse range of individuals who are making significant headway in their respective fields. From well-known personalities like entrepreneur Allan Zeman and Hong Kong Rugby 7s captain Man Woodward, to emerging leaders taking over family businesses and driving impactful charities, we spotlight those who are shaping the future of Hong Kong.

What sets our interviews apart is the focus on the personal journeys, ambitious goals, and innovative plans of these trailblazers. Our audience gains a unique perspective on the minds driving progress in the city.


In our Happenings segment, we keep our readers informed about the latest events and developments in Hong Kong. We curate engaging listicles and stories driven by event announcements that cover a wide range of topics, from upcoming cultural festivals and art exhibitions to important announcements and city-wide initiatives.