The mission of The Millennial Source is to sift through the internet noise to provide you with accurate reporting, empowering you to draw your own conclusions. It isn’t just the sheer quantity of available information that makes today’s world so noisy, it’s the politicized news coverage, the polarizing opinions and the lack of context. It can seem impossible to gauge the credibility of the people behind the screen delivering content to you.

Our journalists speak on topics that fascinate us and that we, like you, want to learn about. We therefore promise to always deliver information from a level playing field. That means drawing from various sources with differing political slants, and letting you know when we cannot independently verify claims that those sources make. We can also guarantee that we will never tell you how to think.

Whether that means we’re seen as leaning “left” or “right”, or as “conservative” or “progressive”, doesn’t matter to us. We follow the evidence and evaluate opinions against that evidence. If others put labels on us for that, we’ll tolerate it. 

That being said, we also recognize that many of today’s headlines are rather heavy, and that we need a break now and then. So our Lifestyle section includes articles on social issues, alongside lighthearted quotes pieces and what we hope to be some helpful life hacks.

What we won’t tolerate are inaccuracies or misrepresentations on our site. Therefore, if you find any, please contact
We’ll be sure to thank you for it!