Mainland China records 105 new deaths from novel coronavirus

Mainland China records 105 new deaths from novel coronavirus
Source: Reuters

China recorded 105 new deaths due to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on February 16, which brings the total death toll caused by the coronavirus on the mainland to 1,770.

China’s National Health Commission said that there were 2,048 new confirmed cases on February 16, almost all stemming from the epicenter of the outbreak – Hubei province.

In numbers

A total of 100 coronavirus-infected patients died in Hubei province alone on February 16, while three others were from neighboring Henan province. The other two deaths were recorded in Guangdong province, in close proximity to Hong Kong.

Source: Chinafolio

China has reported 70,548 total cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) since late 2019 – the reported beginning of the outbreak. More than 10,000 of the coronavirus patients have recovered and have been discharged from medical facilities around China.

Preventive measures

Officials in Hubei have announced tighter traffic control and more stringent measures to stop domestic travel.

Many food companies and restaurants in China, including McDonald’s and Starbucks, have seen a high demand for contact-free food delivery to limit possible virus transmissions between customers and delivery workers. Consumers in China would order their meals via mobile devices and have their food delivered at a designated pickup area, after the delivery person has disinfected the package. Preventive measures throughout the delivery process are taken, including delivery workers being scanned for high temperatures, ID cards on all delivery workers for security purposes as well as frequent handwashing.

Customers are also scanned for high temperatures when entering corporate buildings and business premises, including restaurants. Many other contact-free measures have been taken in containing the virus, including online shopping and the option of working from home – an option observed in Singapore and Hong Kong as well.