Bloomberg delays town hall to prepare for debate, releases black wealth plan

Bloomberg delays town hall to prepare for debate, releases black wealth plan
Source: CNN

United States Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has reportedly delayed a CNN town hall scheduled for February 24 in order to prepare for the next day’s debate in South Carolina.

According to a spokesperson for the Bloomberg campaign, the debate is seen as a “crucial” point in the Democratic presidential campaign. He is said to be preparing to stop Democratic frontrunner, Bernie Sanders, from opening a substantial delegate lead. Sanders has won the Nevada Democratic caucuses and has built a formidable lead, heading into the third democratic debate of the month in Charleston, South Carolina on February 25.

Performance at debut debate

Bloomberg’s performance at his first-ever appearance at the 2020 Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas was labeled an underwhelming attempt as he was questioned by his rivals on issues regarding his alleged past sexual misconduct and reportedly racist ‘stop-and-frisk’ policies.

Bloomberg has vowed to release three confidentiality agreements, following the accusations by rival Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren that he silenced his former female employees with non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Vow to build black wealth

Bloomberg’s presidential campaign promise now includes ending the systematic discrimination against African Americans by building black wealth. According to the Greenwood Initiative: Economic Justice for Black America posted on Bloomberg’s campaign website on February 24, he aims to triple the wealth of the median black households and increase upward mobility.

Bloomberg plans to build black wealth using the following steps:

  • Create 100,000 new black-owned small businesses.
  • Create 1 million new black homeowners.
  • Invest US$70 billion in America’s 100 most disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • Reinvigorate efforts to defend civil rights.
  • Collect better data on hiring, pay, procurement and lending.

According to a primary poll conducted before the New Hampshire primary, 20% of black Democratic primary voters prefer Bloomberg to other candidates.

Warren’s criticism

Bloomberg’s rival, Warren, has continued her criticism of Bloomberg.

“I think that Michael Bloomberg is the riskiest candidate standing on that stage because of his history of hiding his taxes, his history of harassment of women and his history of defending racist policies,” Warren said in response to a question about Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders.