Update on coronavirus in Italy

Update on coronavirus in Italy
Source: Science

Italy’s health authorities will be setting up a new quarantine red zone, as numbers of coronavirus fatalities jumped to 79 on March 3.  

Lombardy, the northern region of the country, remains the worst-hit area in Italy. City quarantines have been placed in Lombardy and Veneto after the first few coronavirus cases were reported on February 20.

Uncertainty over evolution of COVID-19

Italian health officials say that this week would be important to grasp the evolution of COVID-19 in Italy. “None of us can be sure about the future evolution of the disease. This is an important week to understand what will happen,” said Angelo Borrelli, head of Italy’s Civil Protection Agency.

Local health officials have urged residents to practice good hygiene, refrain from hugging people and to avoid crowded areas in order to stop the spread of the virus. “The most important recommendation is to adopt lifestyles that can help us interrupt transmission channels,” said National Health Institute chief Silvio Brusaferro.

Outraged soccer community

Milan’s popular soccer matches have been postponed due to fears of coronavirus spread, sparking outrage from both fans and club bosses.

Paolo Dal Pino, the president of Italy’s top soccer league, Serie A, has been under attack on social media due to his decision to postpone ten matches in the league. “You are probably the biggest and darkest clown I have ever seen,” said Inter Milan president Steven Zhang.