Five Apps to Help You Stay Productive on the Road

Five Apps to Help You Stay Productive on the Road
Source: Productivity Land

In this increasingly digital world, it’s never been easier to stay connected. Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, methods for keeping in touch with colleagues, clients, family and friends are at our fingertips. But staying focused on the road can be tricky.

We’ve compiled some of the best productivity apps to keep you on track when you hit the road.

G Suite

It would be nearly impossible to leave Google out of any discussion of productivity. An absolute must, Google’s tools dominate the digital space for consumers and businesses among Android and Mac users alike. This is for good reason. G Suite is like an office on the Cloud – from basics like Gmail and Google Calendar to conferencing tools like Google Hangouts. Google Drive lets you upload files so that you (or your team) can access them from anywhere. Calendar syncs scheduling across devices. Plus, you can easily schedule meetings with clients and colleagues (this is especially helpful when you are crossing time zones) and add a virtual meeting to your events with Google Hangouts.

Google’s apps are free, but G Suite is a premium upgrade that offers perks like expanded storage, company emails and 24/7 support. We’ve barely scratched the surface on G Suite’s potential — head over here to explore all the options.


Remembering passwords for all the sites and accounts we use on a daily basis can be a nightmare. Plus, recycling passwords or slacking on their complexity for the sake of making them easy to remember is a huge security risk. LastPass takes the guesswork out by securely storing all of your credentials with one strong master password. Passwords are encrypted and securely compiled into the vault and with the browser extension, you just log in once to access all of your accounts with just one click.

When you’re traveling, you won’t have to worry about carrying around sensitive information that could easily be lost, stolen or revealed over public Wi-Fi connections.


Todoist is the ultimate task manager that can be as simplified or detailed as you need. This app lets you easily organize and prioritize tasks and projects by any criteria. Plus, the platform itself is great for visualizing to do’s and makes planning a cinch. Delegate tasks to colleagues and team members from wherever you are to keep things moving while using the app to visualize your progress.

Todoist seamlessly links to your other apps to keep everything centralized and a handful of plugins make it super easy to pick up where you left off across multiple devices – a dream for anyone working and planning on the go.


If you have a little extra time between flights, during a shuttle or cab ride, or even if you’re relaxing pool/beachside, you may be scrolling, thinking, brainstorming, planning or researching. Keeping tabs on your ideas and thoughts, especially on the road, can be daunting. Evernote makes it simple to collect all of this info into one organized space so you can access it whenever you need, from wherever you are.

This multifunctional tool is an all-in-one problem solver for organizing your train(s) of thought. Evernote lets you take notes, screenshot webpages or emails, bookmark sites to visit later, clip recipes or compile research organized by project. Everything is in one location and easily organized by whatever system works best for your brain.


Staying productive requires using your time wisely and traveling can offer plenty of distractions and interruptions that make it harder to stay focused on the task at hand. With Toggl, you can keep track of how you spend your time, which is beneficial not only for staying focused but also for keeping a healthy work/life balance. You can also break down your hours by project or task to make strategizing to-dos easier and invoicing clients for freelance projects more straightforward.

Keep notes on distractions and your most productive times so you can plan accordingly – and make sure you incorporate leisure time so that work doesn’t overlap with time that should be spent enjoying your travels.


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