Italy bans movement as another 651 die in ‘worst crisis’ since WWII

Italy bans movement as another 651 die in ‘worst crisis’ since WWII
Source: Der Spiegel

Italy recorded 651 deaths from the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) on March 22, a decrease compared to a day earlier with 793 deaths.

Movement inside the country has been banned beginning March 22. Car, clothing and furniture industries will remain closed until April 3.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has called the coronavirus pandemic “Italy’s worst crisis” since World War II. According to the head of the government’s coronavirus relief effort, Domenico Arcuri, Italy is now “at war”. “All wars are won in two ways, with one’s own army and with the help of one’s own allies,” he said.

Source: Bloomberg

Volunteers from abroad

Countries as China, Cuba and Russia have sent healthcare support with medical professionals flown to the northern regions of Italy to help fight the pandemic. China has sent medical assistance, including a team of 12 doctors, nurses and experts to Lombardy, Italy’s worst-hit region by the virus.

A number of 300 medical volunteers are also being sent to assist in providing healthcare to the resource-strained hospitals of the northern region. More than 50 doctors from Cuba arrived in the city of Milan on March 22.

“Yesterday we launched an extraordinary appeal to create a task force of 300 doctors who can operate in regional healthcare facilities, strengthening the action of those who are exposed at the forefront to fight against Covid-19,” Conte said on Facebook on March 21, adding that 3,500 doctors had initially signed up for the task force.

Closure of non-essential businesses

Conte has ordered all businesses, except those essential for maintaining the country’s supply chain, to be shut until April 3. “We are slowing down the country’s production engine but we are not stopping it,” he said.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, postal and banking services in Italy will not be closed down. Public services, including transport, will also be available throughout the period.

Italy has reported a total of 59,138 cases. A number of 5,476 people in the country have died from the coronavirus and 7,024 patients have recovered since the first case in the country was recorded in December 2019. The country now has the most deaths caused by the virus in the world.


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