“A large part of success is just showing up, doing the best you can," says CEO of Freeletics Daniel Sobhani

“A large part of success is just showing up, doing the best you can," says CEO of Freeletics Daniel Sobhani

Founded in 2013, Freeletics is a freemium mobile fitness coaching app founded by Joshua Cornelius, Andrej Matijczak and Mehmet Yilmaz. The app offers fitness plans powered by artificial intelligence adapted for various lifestyles, fitness goals, and schedules.

Freeletics raised $45 million in a Series A funding round back in late 2018, to help penetrate the US market after bootstrapping for several years.

By then, the app already had over 30 million users in more than 160 countries.

Chief executive officer Daniel Sobhani, spoke with The Millennial Source about himself and his role at one of the world’s fastest growing digital fitness companies.

In your own words, what is Freeletics and what is the mission of Freeletics?

Freeletics is the leading provider of AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching. We are driven by the vision of challenging and inspiring everyone to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically.

How many users does Freeletics have to date?


What is your day to day like?

The tasks you have to tackle as a CEO can differ tremendously from day to day. This is why I have build routines that help me focus and prioritize. For me, it is important to have structured periods of interacting and working with the teams as well as time to focus on topics that are on my desk.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

I love what I do and I appreciate working with an amazing team, this normally is enough to get me out of bed every morning and if it is one of “those” days, I remind myself that a large part of success is just showing up, doing the best you can.

Describe being the CEO of a tech startup in 3 words?

Demanding – challenging – rewarding

What’s one myth you want to bust about the startup world?

Working in a startup comes naturally with all kinds of uncertainties. Often this is being coped with overconfidence. If you look behind the “everything’s great” there is doubt and that is perfectly normal.

It makes you reflect on things and analyze situations and that gives you a sound basis for decision making.

Describe your mind using three words

Resilient, worrying, learning

Describe your character in three words

Calm, empathetic, determined

What’s something you’re currently working on achieving?

Building a house with my wife.

Screen Time or no Screen Time

All in good time, there is nothing wrong with watching a movie/ series or spend time on social media but not just randomly to kill time.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Try learning from others mistakes or examples, this will spare you a lot of hurtful experiences.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I really can’t remember anymore. I think I didn’t have anything like that.

Introduce yourself

I am Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freeletics and we help people become  physically and mentally better versions of themselves.