Numbers indicate that the curve in New York state, the worst hit state, is flattening

Numbers indicate that the curve in New York state, the worst hit state, is flattening
Source: Time

New York has recorded the highest number of deaths over the last few days, with recent figures revealing that an additional 799 people from Wednesday to Thursday have died.

However, despite the higher death toll, the number of patients hospitalized with the deadly virus grew by the smallest amount in weeks, by 1% with 200 admissions.

The slowdown provides hope that after over 150,000 total confirmed cases, and 7,067 confirmed deaths, the New York curve is finally flattening

On Thursday, in response to the new figures, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo acknowledged the curve flattening. However, while discussing the numbers during his daily press conference in Albany, Cuomo repeatedly used the words “so far” after citing each statistic.

“All of this data suggests that we are flattening the curve so far, and the numbers are coming down so far… So, so far, our efforts are working.”  

Explaining the influx of deaths after the decrease of recorded hospitalizations attributed to the coronavirus, Cuomo explained, “we understand, and all the experts have said… you will see the deaths increasing after the hospitalizations because the deaths increase the longer the person’s in the hospital, the longer the person is on the ventilator.”

Cuomo also placed the figures in perspective of the September 11 attacks. “I lived through 9/11,” he said. “9/11 was supposed to be the darkest day in New York for a generation… We lose (sic) 2,753 lives on 9/11. We’ve lost over 7,000 lives to this crisis.”

New York has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country, followed by New Jersey, which has a total of 51,027 cases and 1,700 deaths, Michigan, which has 21,504 cases and 1,076 deaths, and California, which has 19,219 cases and 509 deaths.


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