UK PM Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care

UK PM Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care
Source: News Nation

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has left the intensive care unit (ICU). Although transferred out of the ICU, Johnson continues to recover from COVID-19 at St Thomas’ Hospital and remains under close observation.

According to his spokesperson, the PM’s condition is stable and he “remains in good spirits.”

Johnson had first tested positive for the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) on March 27, but continued to conduct virtual meetings and address the nation through social media. However, his condition deteriorated rapidly. Within a few days, he was admitted to hospital and later transferred to the ICU.

Johnson is the first world leader to be hospitalized with the coronavirus, and the UK has no formal procedure of succession. This has left many confused over who is leading the world’s sixth-largest economy. Johnson, however, nominated Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputize for him “as necessary.”

The UK has reported 65,077 confirmed cases and the latest daily increase of 881 deaths as of April 9 has brought the total death toll to 7,978. However, the 881 deaths is a slight decrease from the 938 witnessed a day earlier. Although this slight downturn has been recorded, Raab announced at a press briefing at Downing Street on April 9 that because Britain had not reached the peak of the outbreak yet, it was too early to end the lockdown.


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