Julian Assange fathered two children during his time at the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Julian Assange fathered two children during his time at the Ecuadorian embassy in London
Source: Daily Mail

As reported by the Daily Mail, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange fathered two children with his lawyer, the South African-born Stella Morris, while in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The two met when Morris, 37, was defending Assange against rape allegations in Sweden and have been in a relationship since 2015. The rape charges were later dropped.

The couple managed to keep their relationship secret from Ecuadorian officials who provided refuge to Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for a total of seven years, from 2012 – 2019.

The couple’s first son, Gabriel, was born in 2017, five years after Assange had first entered the embassy. Their second child, Max, was born in 2019.

Assange has reportedly met both children, though diversionary measures were at times necessary to sneak them into the embassy. In at least one occasion, a friend of Morris’ reportedly carried his older son into the embassy when he was just one week old by pretending he was hers.

Speaking to the Mail, Morris said, “At the beginning, it was a working relationship. I was in the embassy every day and Julian became a friend… I love Julian deeply, and I am looking forward to marrying him.” Morris added that she felt compelled to speak out because she can see his life “on the brink.”

Morris reportedly wants Assange to be released under current British government plans that exist to allow prisoners temporary release due to COVID-19 fears, especially within jails. Morris has stated that were Assange to stay, his life would be at “serious risk.”

Last month, Assange’s lawyers placed a bail bid on the basis that Assange was in danger of contracting COVID-19. That measure failed, with the judge stating that there were ”no grounds” for release.

Where is Assange now?

As of now, Assange is being held in London’s Belmarsh prison, battling against extradition to the United States after British police dragged him out of the Ecuadorian embassy a year ago. Assange, who exposed countless secret government documents, is facing 18 counts under the espionage act.

While Assange insists that the US government is attempting to curtail his journalistic freedoms, the US government has retorted that his role went beyond traditional journalistic norms.

Assange’s extradition hearing is set to resume in May of this year.

Wikileaks responds

In response to Morris’ interview, WikiLeaks responded by stating, “WATCH: Julian Assange’s newly revealed partner, and mother of their 2 young children, speaks for the first time: Urges UK government to bail her vulnerable fiance amid #coronavirus fears.”


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