Search volume for bread-related products on Amazon explodes

Search volume for bread-related products on Amazon explodes
Source: YouTube

The ancient craft of bread baking is making a comeback, thanks to the lockdown regulations that have left many people with nothing but time.

The boom reportedly began around March 13, when United States President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and states started imposing stay-at-home regulations to contain the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic, which has now surpassed 760,000 confirmed cases and led to over 40,500 deaths within the US alone.

According to a Google Trends report, the query “how to make bread” has skyrocketed both in the US and worldwide, spurred by influencers who are also showing off their baked goods on social media. Jungle Scout, an analytics tool, also indicate that bread-related goods and products have also surged on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Dan Lepard, baker, chef, author and TV personality, spoke to Euro News, saying that he interprets the drastic increase in bread baking as possible stress relief, stating that if you start simply and continue to bake to the point of success, you’ll feel better. “I’m hoping that this prolonged lockdown period will encourage people to look at manual labor and skills with more respect,” Lepard says.

Speaking to the Guardian, Carl Anhalt – like many others – has been stuck in his apartment in New York and since lockdown, turned to breadmaking. He says it’s helped him feel productive and deal with stress. “It was a good exercise in mindfulness and a distraction from thinking about the world, so in those ways it certainly eased some anxiety,” he says.


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