Canada to ban various assault rifle categories

Canada to ban various assault rifle categories
Source: David Kawai

Canada is set to ban 11 categories of assault rifles, with the news first reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the announcement being made on Friday, May 1.

The new measures will apply to 125,000 weapons, including those types that have been used in mass shootings across the United States and Canada.

The crackdown on gun control, however, is not directly prompted by the shooting that occurred in Nova Scotia, the province in eastern Canada, which left over 20 people dead, but instead has been in the works for months.

According to several weapon dealers, the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak – coupled with fears over more restrictive gun legislation – has fuelled a spike in firearm and ammunition sales.

The tightening of gun control regulations in the nation has long been a promise of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s. In response to the Nova Scotia massacre, Trudeau stressed that it had just been a reminder of the importance of the country to continue to move forward in “strengthening gun control.”


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