Five top podcasts to get you through the month

Five top podcasts to get you through the month
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May is here. Finally. But ever since COVID-19 brought about what feels like a never-ending lockdown for many of us, the days have seemed to blend together. Maybe you’ve used this mandatory “me-time” to binge-watch a new series (or several) or perhaps pick up a new skill (we hear baking is quite popular these days).

Or, maybe you’re an essential worker and instead of downtime, you’ve had to work, possibly getting exposed to the disease in this stressful, uncertain time.

If you’re looking to add another source of cerebral stimulation to your routine, you should consider picking up a new podcast. Podcasts are generally free, available in a wide variety of genres and offer captivating, screen-free information and entertainment.

Some countries and a few US states are looking toward returning to a sense of normalcy by relaxing coronavirus-related restrictions. However, most of us can expect an extended recommendation of isolation when possible, for a few more weeks or potentially longer.

Whether you are stuck at home or commuting to an essential job, podcasts are a great resource to add variety to your routine.

We’ve compiled a list of five podcasts that will help you get through the month, with a healthy balance between daily activities and those inevitable moments of staring into the abyss.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

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This podcast hosted by Guy Raz first aired in September 2016 with guest Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx.

Audiences follow along as Raz explores the origin stories of some of the most well-known companies and entrepreneurs.

With guests like the creators of Instagram, Airbnb, Wikipedia and Ben & Jerry’s, each episode gives you an inside look at the minds and strategies behind successful business ventures.

Weekly updates air on National Public Radio with both brief episodes of around 20 minutes and longer, hour-long features.


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True crime fans looking to satisfy their post-Serial fix will find it in Casefile, a weekly Australian podcast profiling both solved and cold criminal cases.

Adding to its intrigue is its unknown host, who told Vice about his decision to remain anonymous, explaining “I want to let the facts speak for themselves, which is why I stay out of the way of the story.” In-depth research intertwines with skillful storytelling that makes for an enthralling listen.

You may end up wanting to binge-listen. That’s easily done since the podcast already has more than 130 episodes under its belt. Casefile is available online and through a number of streaming services.

The Dropout

Source: WSJ

This documentary-style podcast follows the rise and fall of the notorious founder and CEO of Theranos, an infamous startup health technology company.

CEO Elizabeth Holmes went from being the youngest and wealthiest self-made female billionaire in America to being indicted on a list of criminal charges and facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Her trial, initially set to begin on July 28, has been pushed back to October 27 due to the pandemic.

This six-episode podcast will get you up to speed on the story of how this former college dropout went from being called “the female Steve Jobs” to being entangled in a scandalous web of conspiracy and wire fraud.

The Dropout is available on ABC Audio and through most popular streaming services.

The Week Unwrapped – with Olly Mann

Source: Olly Mann’s Facebook

An alternative to the 24-hour mainstream news cycle, this podcast explores recent events and topics that have seemingly gone under-reported in a conversational format.

“The Week Unwrapped” features Olly Mann and a panel of contributors discussing topics from “Could leaves power the homes of the future?” to “Are video games becoming less violent?” and “Why are locusts being used as bomb sniffers?” Mann’s podcast recently won the Best News and Current Affairs Podcast title at the Publisher Podcast Awards in London.

Episodes air Fridays and are available on the website and through most podcast streaming services.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Source: Mydadwroteaporno official website

Host Jamie Morton leads us on a cringe-worthy, yet hilarious, journey as he reads his father’s amateur, self-published erotic novel, “Belinda Blinked.”

Morton’s friends and co-hosts James Cooper and Alice Levine provide much-appreciated commentary as they hear each chapter for the first time with the audience.

The Comeback calls “My Dad Wrote a Porno” “earnestly-made bad art mocked in the most loving way possible.” Each episode examines another chapter filled with questionable anatomical descriptions and giggle-inducing plotlines.

You will cringe, blush and guffaw your way through this series, available for streaming via Acast and most other streaming services.


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