Germany begins second phase of opening up

Germany begins second phase of opening up
Source: SCMP

Germany has been pointed to as a Western success in its management of the global novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak and on Wednesday, April 6, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the next phase of lockdown easing is set to take place.

Merkel stated that the first stage of easing the nation’s lockdown was able to take place without the resurgence of confirmed cases, with the number of new cases being reported, in fact, declining.

Schools, daycare centers, stores and restaurants will be allowed to reopen, with hotels expected to also open their doors at the end of the month.

While Germany had initially recorded a high number of cases at the beginning of the outbreak in Europe, it also resulted in a relatively low number of deaths – currently standing at 7,275. Much of this is attributed to the country’s expansive testing at the beginning.

Two weeks ago, it became the first major Western nation to start easing lockdown regulations.


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