Facebook launches Messenger Rooms to compete against Zoom

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms to compete against Zoom
Source: HITC

While Zoom never set out to be a social networking service, the company has seen unprecedented levels of usage over the past few months allowing friends and families to connect during lockdown. The surge in popularity has also forced the company to temporarily halt its new operations to fix its existing technology.

Now, Facebook wants a piece of the Zoom pie.

This week, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms worldwide – a group video chat service which allows up to 50 participants with no limits on call length.

Capitalizing on existing popular technologies that the conglomerate already owns, users will soon also be able to join and initiate calls from inside Instagram and WhatsApp. The video call will also be accessible for those who don’t have a Facebook account.

However, due to the social settings of Facebook, Messenger Rooms doesn’t seem likely to seep into the enterprise use cases – Zoom’s core business.

TikTok’s parent company, Bytedance has also recently embarked on a hiring spree with 10,000 jobs being placed and attributed to the TikTok boom.

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