Iran sees a surge of COVID-19 cases after reopening

Iran sees a surge of COVID-19 cases after reopening
Source: ABC News

Iran, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Middle East, began reopening late last month after the number of daily cases halved from the numbers recorded in late March.

However, as normalcy gradually resumed for the 82 million residents, the country is now witnessing a resurgence of cases.

According to health officials, three weeks after applying tentative steps to reopen their economy, COVID-19 cases in eight separate Iranian provinces have spiked.

Iran reopened without meeting recommendations made by health experts. This included ensuring that widespread testing was available.

While officials predicted the numbers would increase, a spike was likely not anticipated and validates the fears of many governments around the world that are also looking for ways to reopen their economies.

As of May 19, Iran has recorded 122,492 cases and 7,057 deaths.

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