Alternatives to caffeine: the best foods for focus and energy

Alternatives to caffeine: the best foods for focus and energy

Always waking up groggy in the morning? Really only feel awake and completely ready for the day with a large cup (or two, or three) of energizing coffee? We know the feeling.

While caffeine is essential to so many of us and whether we get it from a cup of coffee or a can of Redbull, too much caffeine can be unhealthy and have detrimental consequences. Overdosing on caffeine has been linked to high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia and many more unappealing side effects. While it can be healthy to have caffeine moderately, it is also important to maintain a balanced diet, which means we must rely on a variety of other natural foods to keep us awake and refreshed.

We’ve compiled a list of healthy alternatives to caffeine that will still leave you focused and energized.


This fatty fish is full of nutrients like omega-3, which is important for a balanced diet and linked to improving cognitive health and focus. Another component in salmon that helps energize your body is vitamin B, specifically B12. It not only boosts energy but also helps beat fatigue naturally.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, is considered to be brain food. It contains antioxidants that are nutritious and satisfying. The sugar content in cocoa is also linked to improving memory and focus.


This particular berry contains antioxidants that can help brain functions and improve memory and focus. According to Healthline, studies have revealed that consuming blueberries can help improve several brain functions when a group of nine adults were asked to consume blueberry juice every day for 12 weeks.


This fruit is perfect for a convenient on-the-go snack. Bananas also contain nutrients such as vitamins B12 and B6, fiber and potassium that make the body feel full of energy.


Nuts are loaded with essential oils and amino acids that will assist and aid your focus. High in good fats, they also have antioxidants that help with brain functions almost the same way blueberries do. An ounce of nuts a day is great to add to your diet and there are many varieties to choose from.


They are a perfect breakfast food, or for any meal of the day. Eggs have protein, healthy fats and vitamin B which are not only great for memory and focus but also have neurotransmitters that allow our brains to function better and make us feel good.

Whole Grains

Whole grain foods like quinoa and oatmeal are complex carbs that help absorb the sugar in your body and leave you feeling energized. These foods also have protein, healthy fats and fiber content that keep you full for longer and provide you with energy instead of making you feel sleepy after a filling meal.


Perfect sliced up or mashed on top of toast, avocados are a great food to boost focus and concentration in your system. They have plenty of healthy fats, the same kinds found in olive oil, that are nutritious and aid the brain in focus and memory.

These foods are proven sources of energy and focus, while also being full of nutrients that are good for us. It is important to include these foods in our everyday diet, but a balanced diet is the most important for health and energy levels. These foods are healthy and can spare us from the side effects of too much caffeine, but occasionally indulging in some caffeine with moderation won’t hurt. The best advice is to remember to strike a balance, which is key, and to have a nutritionally rich diet.

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