What to do at home during Hong Kong’s third coronavirus wave

What to do at home during Hong Kong’s third coronavirus wave
Source: Norma Mortenson

It’s been about seven months, 212 days to be exact, since the pandemic struck us and changed our world, but who’s counting? Obsessively sanitizing our hands, getting our temperatures checked regularly, six feet social distancing measures and avoiding going outside most days has quickly become the new normal.

The third wave has specifically hit Hong Kong hard, with clusters of untraceable cases from unknown origins. Restaurants shut for dinner, dining almost completely banned but then reversed, closed gyms, beaches, bars, nightclubs, beauty parlors as the city continues to grapple to contain its cases.

Staying home all this time can kind of make you spiral. While watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime is fun, once you’ve watched everything on your list a week into quarantine and blown through your entire bag of microwaveable popcorn, the excitement does very quickly subside.

But, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. So we’ve got you covered with some new activities you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

Get competitive

It’s time to bring out those games you’ve been storing, we mean all of them – Uno, Monopoly, Taboo, Scrabble. If you don’t have any or want a new copy, Bookazine has a variety of games available as well as locations all around Hong Kong. If you aren’t able to step out, they also offer home delivery.

Online games are fun, but there’s something underrated about traditional games, an opportunity for you and your family to gather at home and enjoy some quality time challenging each other.

Games are a great bonding experience, as well as a perfect way to kill time at home during lockdown.

Plan your next post-COVID-19 trip

It might be too early to be booking plane tickets and accommodation, but there’s no harm planning it out and having something to look forward to, right?

Deciding your destination – whether it’s a staycation or a luxurious, long and exotic vacation – it doesn’t matter, just go ahead and get planning. From the airline you’re going to take and where you’ll stay to the tourist spots you’ll visit and the restaurants you’ll eat at, all of this will undoubtedly keep you busy and give you something to daydream about.

Explore true crime

If you’re a true crime junkie, then this is the perfect time for you. There are plenty of TV shows and YouTube videos on popular true crime as well as details of unsolved mysteries. But online communities, like Subreddits, are where the real hidden gems are. Users can exchange theories and attempt to dig into cold cases. You’ll find yourself spending hours scrolling through these pages and embarking on rabbit hole after rabbit hole, wondering where the time went.

Learn a language

Picking up bits and pieces from a language are easier than you expect. Watching movies and shows in the language you want to learn with English subtitles will usually help you in picking up a few words and phrases. Shows such as Money Heist, which have blown up, have both a captivating storyline with amazing actors and the opportunity for you to learn the Spanish language.

Of course, there are more official ways to learn a language, like taking a course online. Plenty of well-established sites online have partnered with universities worldwide, including Ivy Leagues, to provide a wide range of courses to anyone, anywhere. You can find language learning courses on Coursera and edX.

Have a little fun with mixology

Ah, mixology, a lost art. Have you ever truly taken the time to mix yourself a classic cocktail? And no, we don’t mean a G&T, but an actual cocktail. If not, no need to be intimidated, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make a simple and delicious cocktail.

Throwing in your favorite ingredients, with your favorite alcohol and some ice is all it takes. If you aren’t certain of what to do with the ingredients you have lying around at home, Make Me A Cocktail is an awesome site where you can put in all the ingredients you have available. From there, you’ll be shown all the possible drinks you can make.

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