Your favorite shows on Netflix that are renewed and returning for another season

Your favorite shows on Netflix that are renewed and returning for another season
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Pretty much everything has been postponed due to the ongoing (and what feels like never ending) coronavirus pandemic. School, work, travel plans – all have been affected and it’s given us the time to indulge in things our hectic schedules wouldn’t have allowed us to before, like Netflix-ing 24/7. Some of your favorite shows may have been forced to put an indefinite pause on filming, which means they probably will be delayed in production and release. But, we have the scoop on which shows have been renewed, or when they’re potentially returning for another season.

“Money Heist”

Not too long ago, “Money Heist,” or “Le Casa De Papel,” took to their Instagram to announce that there will be a season five of the series. However, they also confirmed that the fifth season will be the last. The show has received tons of love from its huge fan base, making it the most watched non-English show on Netflix. Initially the show was a flop on its first release, but once the popular streaming platform picked it up, it gained international fame and ranked top in a number of countries.

Speculation and theories abound online from fans wondering what may happen next on the show. While we can’t be certain about the upcoming plot twists, we know the show won’t disappoint. “Money Heist” is filmed in Madrid, Spain and will inevitably face a delay in production due to the pandemic, but fans are hopeful that it will release sometime in the summer of 2021.

“The Crown”

This beloved show about the British Royal Family is back for another season. Showrunners have confirmed the series will end after its sixth season, so fans still have three more seasons to look forward to. “The Crown,” which has typically aired its seasons in either November or December, is likely to return to Netflix for its fourth season by the end of 2020. However, Netflix has yet to confirm an air date for the upcoming season.

What we do know is that this season of “The Crown” will cover Prince Charles’ relationship with Princess Diana – a long awaited moment for fans of the series. Princess Di, who will be played by Emma Corrin in season four, married Prince Charles in 1981, so we can expect the show’s timeline to pick up around that era.

“Sex Education”

In February, Netflix confirmed that season three of the British drama is currently in the works through a little teaser on YouTube. Fans were overjoyed to know that there’s still more to see from Maeve and Otis, as well as the rest of the Moordale High gang. Shooting for season three was supposed to begin in May, but with the restrictions in place, it was delayed. As of August, the Netflix dramedy is back on track with their filming, implementing socially distancing guidelines on set, of course. “Sex Education,” which has always aired in January, may predictably be delayed this year with the release of its new season, but we’ll be waiting.

“Good Girls”

The story of three broke moms from Detroit and the lengths they’re willing to go to for their families has taken quite the turn, leaving us wanting more. In May, NBC took to Twitter to announce that there will be a fourth season of the show with a screenshot of the thrilled cast on a Zoom call. The NBC show has typically begun airing in February or March, so fingers crossed that we can expect the next season around that time in 2021. A few months after the season has aired, we can expect it to be available on Netflix to binge watch for those who missed its network run.

“Queer Eye”

The Fab Five are back for a sixth season! In March, “Queer Eye” confirmed via Twitter that they were already filming their new season. Season five, which was just released earlier this year in June, had some of the best makeovers we’ve seen. It wasn’t long before the filming of the new season in Austin, Texas was brought to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. It may be a while till we get another season since filming has been pushed back. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see the Fab Five reunited on their little makeover adventures.

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