How you can support small businesses amid COVID-19

How you can support small businesses amid COVID-19
Source: Pexels; Photo by Kaique Rocha

The pandemic has affected livelihoods, economies, travel, school, work and other major aspects of our lives. Businesses – specifically small ones – have been tremendously affected by the restrictions in place as a result of the pandemic.

Small businesses are the heart of any community. They provide employment opportunities and often top notch customer service – they know our names and our favorite products. Plus, it’s just so convenient shopping locally. They define and provide the best for our communities. It’s important to support the small businesses in our communities, and we’ve got a few ways for you to do just that.

Ditch Amazon

We get it. The convenience of next day delivery. But, before you purchase something on Amazon, ask yourself, would a local business have this? Usually, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for on Amazon at your local business, maybe even at a cheaper price. Some local businesses may even have an online store for you to order it, without the hassle of going to pick it up. As convenient as Amazon and other major marketplaces can be, shopping local supports your community and your neighbors, which are ultimately most threatened by the rapid expansion of these huge mega-markets that drive away our little corner shops.

“Support Small Business” on Instagram

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The “Support Small Business” sticker on Instagram is a perfect way to discover and explore new and small businesses. Every time someone posts a story online using the sticker, you’ll be able to click on the Instagram account of the business. You can do the same – if you have a small business to recommend, attach the sticker to a post for your Instagram story. Don’t underestimate the power of social media or word-of-mouth recommendations!

Do takeout or curbside delivery

Our local restaurants really need our support right now. Amid lockdowns, many places haven’t been able to operate at capacity, and even more have been forced to shut down because they couldn’t sustain themselves during the restrictions.

If you’re too tired to cook at home and need something other than Postmates, don’t just head over to a fast food drive thru like McDonald’s. Eat and support local and small. There are so many different restaurants within reasonable distance that sell a variety of foods. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican – whatever it may be. So, think before ordering from a chain restaurant and instead indulge in some homemade and authentic food from a local restaurant. Maybe even make it a weekly thing. We’ve also shared tips on how to ensure safety while ordering takeout or getting food delivered during COVID-19.

A tip goes a long way

During these trying times, a tip can go a long way. Small businesses usually operate with a handful of employees, making it exceptionally hard for them to stay open during a pandemic and recessing economy. A tip to the server or one in the tip jar can be uplifting for the business and its employees. Many of these employees have worked throughout the pandemic, often putting themselves at more risk of exposure in order to provide a service and provide for their families. So, don’t be stingy.

Share the love

The power of words is irreplaceable. What better way to support your favorite local businesses than to tell your friends and family about it? They need all the recognition and support they can get, so recommend a small business you love to someone you know – whether it be a restaurant, clothing store, book store, salon or flower shop. Word-of-mouth is so influential, and a small recommendation can go a long way.

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