Cheung Sha Beach in Hong Kong – Your morning to evening itinerary

Cheung Sha Beach in Hong Kong – Your morning to evening itinerary

On the coast of South Lantau Island rests one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong, Cheung Sha Beach. Secluded by towering lush mountains, the beach is serene and tranquil, perfect for your beach day out. Regardless of what you envisioned your ideal beach day to look like, Cheung Sha Beach will not disappoint. So, pack your swimsuit, towel, snacks and grab a couple of friends, because we’ve already planned out your day for you!

Hong Kong Cheung Sha Beach
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Cheung Sha Beach covers around 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) and is conveniently split into two sections. The more lively and popular being Lower Cheung Sha Beach and the quiet peaceful side being Upper Cheung Sha. Although it fully depends on the nature of your visit, Lower Cheung Sha Beach is definitely recommended if you’re looking for more restaurants, water sports shops and other convenient stores.

Depending on where you are traveling from, there are many easy ways to get to Cheung Sha Beach. The simplest way if you are coming from Hong Kong Island, is by taking the Mui Wo ferry from Central (Pier No. 6). Be sure to check the schedule as there are two types of ferries operating; The ordinary ferry will get you there in 50 minutes but the fast ferry will get you there is a quick 35 minutes.

Once you arrive, your two options are to take a quick taxi ride or the no. 1, 2, 3 or 4 bus to Lower Cheung Sha Beach. Another option includes taking the MTR to Tung Chung, then taking bus No. 11, 23 or A35.

It’s always great to arrive before the crowd does, so we suggest getting there around 11 a.m. Once you’re there, scout out the location first just to get familiar with the area. The only water activities shop at the beach will be one of the first things you notice as it’s right by the entrance and decorated with hanging surfboards and kayaks lined up ready for a busy day of work. As you continue your walk along the beach, you can already visualize where you want to set up for the day. It’s also handy to note where the public changing rooms are on the very right of the beach, past all the restaurants.

With several beachfront restaurants one after the other, there is something for everyone’s lunch cravings! From burgers or pasta to curry or noodles, the variety of cuisines will keep you satisfied and energized for your full beach day. As the seating is all outdoors, enjoy the seaside views with the fresh ocean winds and the sand beneath your feet.

At this point, you’re probably dying to hit the water just to cool you down from overheating. Now it’s time to let that inner-child come out and frolic in the water and thankfully, the sand is fine and soft so you don’t have to worry about tiptoeing blindly in the water.

Although, lounging in the water is definitely relaxing, when you do inevitably get bored, hop by the water shop and try out a new water activity! It could be kayaking, surfing, boogie boarding or stand-up-paddle (SUP) boarding. Challenge your friends to a balancing duel or simply float away into the vast ocean on your board. It’s a fun and exciting activity no matter if you are an expert or a beginner!

To recover from that intense water sports activity, recharge by resting on the sand. Play some good music and feast on the snacks that you brought while sunbathing under gleaming sun. The time you spend now is really up to you! You could read, sunbathe, or play some good music under the golden sun.

It’s just hit 5 p.m. and you’re in for a lucky surprise! Behind you are a herd of buffaloes, out for the evening walk. Well, that definitely not something you would expect to see! Lantau Island is famously home to several herds of water buffaloes and it just so happens, Cheung Sha Beach is one of their favorite spots.

Hong Kong Cheung Sha Beach
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By 6 p.m., we hope you’re happy and content with the extensive day you spent at the beach. However, it’s time to head back home, as unfortunately, paradise doesn’t last forever. But the day is not forgotten, with plenty of photo evidence you can’t wait to show the friends who decided not to join. It will surely make them wish they came!

Cheung Sha Beach is a wonderful escape from reality even if it’s only for a day. With the bountiful amount of things to do and possibilities, no matter how many times you visit, there will always be something new to try. So, it’s probably time to ditch the overcrowded little beaches, and discover what South Lantau has to offer!

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